Synonyms for expecting

adj pregnant
 I’m going to take that as a good omen.
Side note 2- I text my mom (who’s a teacher) asking if “expecting” was, in fact, an adjective when used that way in a sentence, haha. Fact- you always need your mom.
Speaking of moms… we went to GrillSmith with the MIL and enjoyed a nice meal together. I won a gift card at work for selling the most socks in a month. Holler! Todd’s leaving again for Taiwan and wants to make sure we see everyone before he leaves, so this was the perfect set up. There is a GrillSmith halfway between her and us, so we met for lunch.
Sorry for the blurry picture! I got salmon with fresh veggies and jalapeno mac n cheese. Yummo! My salmon was cooked perfect, the veggies were indeed fresh and the jalapeno mac n cheese was delicious!! It wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy, but there was definitely a kick after having a few bites. As usual, I ate too many bread sticks. What can I say… carbs are my weakness.
Hope everyone has a great week!