My Running Journey Mile by Mile :)

It’s Friday Favorite Time!

Here are some Friday Favorites for you! Super Bowl Food. We went to my parents for the Super Bowl and had some random, but yummy food. It was cold here and chili was the perfect dinner! We snacked on chips and salsa and guac before dinner and for dessert my mom made brownie bites with banana, pumpkin, almond butter, almond flour and chocolate chips along with chocolate meringues. She wanted to make sure everything was dairy free for Kara. What a great Nana! Grocery Shopping. I’ve always enjoyed grocery shopping- just not putting them away, haha. On the weekend, Todd […]

Kara is now almost 2.5 months, but better late than never! Kara weighed 8 lbs 13 oz at her 1 month appointment and now weighs 10 lbs 10 oz and is 22.3 inches long. We’ve gotten a pretty good routine down of eat, play, sleep. By no means does this mean we have a schedule. It’s still hard to plan things, but we make it work. As for the dairy intolerance, we had three stool samples tested for blood and all three came back positive, so it looks like I’m going dairy free for the foreseeable future Only for Kara […]

Kara 2 months

I love that I have a weekly workout recap now Makes my heart (and legs and lungs and body and mind) happy! Monday: Rest. And plenty of cuddle time with my girl. This was post melt down… hence the watery eyes. Tuesday: Body Pump. I put Kara in the nursery at the Y for the first time. I go to two YMCA’s and one of them is an Express Y, so it is smaller and the nursery literally looks into the class room. Like, there’s tinted glass you can see through from both sides. I told the lady that this […]

Nuun Year Dash

I actually owe you guys Kara’s 2 month update (her “BDay” was Feb 3), but I’ve yet to get her official picture with her elephant, so it’s going to have to wait A random fact for you: Feb 3 was also Heather Runs Fast’s 3 year blogiversary! I can’t believe it’s been three years since THIS post. Pretty crazy! Onto my faves lately… Family Walks. Kara, Todd and I go on a nightly walk and last night I found a nickle on the ground! I mentioned in an old post how Brittany always picks up change she finds when she’s out […]

thinslim foods

I shared with you guys my Running Comeback Plan, which was a loose explanation of my start back into running and my bigger plans. I’m excited to say that I have actually been working toward those goals by incorporating more workout type running. Back before we started this pregnancy journey, I used to post my workouts while I was marathon training. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to do that now, as I’m not really hard core training, but will be doing more than just easy runs. I just don’t want to bore you, haha. I’m thinking I’ll […]


I mentioned that I’m going dairy free for a month to test if Kara has a milk intolerance. I also mentioned how hard it is- and will be even more so if I have to do it for the duration of my breast feeding, which I would like to be a year. Of all things dairy, I think I’ve missed ice cream/ froyo the most. Especially when I’m up late at night nursing and just want a quick scoop of cold, sweet, creamy goodness! I knew there were non-dairy ice creams out there, but was skeptical of their taste and […]

Nada Moo Flavors

Happy Monday Folks! This post is being brought to you by an early early morning feeding. This is my current view… While I’m not the biggest fan of being up at 2:15AM, I wouldn’t trade this time with my sweet girl for the world. I know these moments will flash by before I know it and I want to soak them all in… even if it means I’m delusional the next day, haha. I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wrap! I never posted my Instagram #2015bestnine, so here it is. Obviously most of it was baby […]

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