Last Week Today With HRF, Plus a Free Race Entry!

22 May

Do any of you guys watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? Not only is he hilarious, he’s SUPER informative and talks about topics that REALLY matter. Not just who won what award or who’s dating who. I’ve actually learned quite a lot from watching his shows. That was a long intro to say, that’s where I got the idea for my post title, haha.

We got a Papa John’s pizza (The Works- minus olives for Todd) last weekend and I’ve been wanting a slice every day! Obviously we ate the whole thing that day and I can’t eat half a pizza a day, but it was super good and a perfect meal! We’ll have to hit up Cristino’s again soon! Pizza is sooo good.

Papa Johns The Works PizzaWe had a fire drill at work this week, so that was fun. Standing outside in the heat and humidity. It seemed very real at first. Four firetrucks came screaming in, along with an ambulance and they got out, some carrying axes and ran into the building. We were out there for 45 minutes. That’s a long ass drill! Turns out, it was more for our security/safety staff and the fire departments training, than ours.

Fire Drill

I went to my parents for lunch one day this week because they had some leftovers I really wanted- yes, I’m almost 30. I stole some spaghetti squash and homemade ground beef sauce- seriously, this hit the spot! Had a salad to go with it to boost my veggie intake.

Spaghetti Squash and Ground Beef Pasta Sauce Lunch Salad

And, as much as I “complain” about always having to eat cake, I still love it. OK, I don’t complain, it can just get outta control this time of year with all the bdays (mom, dad, Todd, MIL) and holidays (Mothers/Fathers Day). And they all involve HUGE, DELICIOUS, RICH, cakes. Didn’t stop me from taking a mid week piece, though!

Mid Week Cake

Memorial Day is Monday and Spartan Race reached out to me about an awesome promo they are doing…

This is a limited time code, good through 5/27/2015. There is even a podcast you can listen too… just click on the image.

Not to mention I’m giving away a FREE race entry to any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any Spartan Race in the continental US. Just enter the raffle copter giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And lets end on another fun note… I had an ice cream date with my beautiful sister this week :) I love her so much. BFF’s for life <3

Ice Cream Date with Kristin

How was your week? Any Memorial Day plans?

WIAW: A Long Day

20 May

Welcome to this weeks What I Ate Wednesday, brought to you by The Big Man’s World and PeasAndCrayons. Today I’ll show you my Monday eats :)

What I Ate Wednesday Button

I have an afternoon appointment this week that falls at an awkward time. It’s late enough that it’s silly to go back to work after, but early enough that I still have to make up a decent amount of hours. That being said, I’m getting into work extra early this week and that makes for one loooooooooooong work day.

Before work mini breakfast of all the watermelon. My dad used to always sing a song when we had watermelon… “Watermelon man, do do do do dooo.” Good memories.


After checking emails from over the weekend, I dug into my fage 2% and zoatmeal- 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup grated zucchini, 2/3 cup water, vanilla microwaved for 5 minutes on 50% power and topped off with coconut creamer before pouring into my to-go container.

Fage 2%Zoatmeal

I had some more morning fruit. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an organic apple and I could TOTALLY tell the difference. At least it juicy and wasn’t gross and mealy. Work AppleI brought extra snacks, including two of the banana protein muffins I made since I knew I’d be hungrier sooner because I got in so early.

Banana protein muffinsI had a meeting during lunch and while it sucks I don’t get to go home and see Riley, it means I got a free lunch :) The salad bar is by weight, so free lunch days are the best for getting a salad! I ate half during the meeting and the rest after, at my desk. Beets, olives, carrots, egg, tomatoes, turkey, ham, banana peppers, sunflower seeds and green peppers- I think that’s all I put ;) Oh, balsamic dressing.Free Work Salad

I also got a chocolate chip cookie with lunch. I ate half and gave the rest to Todd.
Chocolate Chip CookieAfternoon pick me up of a Blueberry Muffin Larabar. I’ve really been enjoying the fruit flavors of these.Blueberry Muffin LarabarAfter work we had to stop by the vet to pick up meds for Riley and a friends house to clean out the litter box, as we are cat sitting for the next 2 weeks. When we got home, I snacked on some more watermelon before dinner. Can’t get enough.

For Dinner, Todd grilled up some burgers and corn and I sauteed up some bell peppers and mushroom. An odd combination, yes, but I needed to use up the veggies before they went bad. The burger was DELISH! I think ketchup and pickles really make a burger.

Burger Corn VegFor dessert, I wasn’t feeling a full nut butter shot, so I just mixed some jelly and TJ’s peanut butter- which I love because it’s runny- for a PB&J mini shot.

PB&J Shot

 There’s my long day of eats for ya. I’d say it was a pretty yummy day. I could go for another burger dinner (and free lunch)!

How was your Monday of eats?

Highlights From My Week

15 May

Happy Friday Ya’ll! Hopefully you’ve had a great week and are ready for an awesome weekend! I am really trying to stay positive, as we are anxiously waiting to hear from the vet about Riley. Remember her episodes of throwing up? Well they haven’t stopped and have almost gotten worse. She’s lost 10lbs and we really need to figure out what’s wrong. Stay tuned for an update.

Sick Ry

I picked up some Organic Strawberries for a decent price at Trader Joe’s on Sunday and was trying to make them last longer than they did. Once you bite into a juicy, plump, huge strawberry, you just can’t stop at one.
TJ's Organic StrawberriesWe had some killer rain storms this week. Welcome to Florida in the summer. Yes, it is already summer here, we pretty much skip spring. Anyways, the rain flushed out a few frogs onto our back porch and this one was pretty big! We had to keep Riley inside so she wouldn’t try and catch it.

FroggyInstead of my usual Friday donut, I received homemade soap from Australia. The same guy who brought me Vegemite and lemon butter for watching his plants, also brought back this Extra Virgin Olive Oil soap. I can’t wait to use it. Handmade soaps are usually pretty expensive, but worth the cost. I’m pretty excited about it.

Homemade Australian Soap

I also got to go on a date with Todd <3 I swear, the large gets larger every time I’m there. Again, no complaints, just an observation.

DLites Date

I made some banana protein muffins the other day. If you ever baked with protein you know that the texture of the end product always comes out a bit spongy. These actually weren’t that bad, but not sure they warrant a recipe share… unless you want it. Protein muffins Protein MuffinsWell there you have it. Some highlights from my week. Like I said before, hope you have an awesome weekend and eat something yummy!

Better Late Than Never

11 May

Good Monday Morning Ya’ll! I got pretty lazy over the weekend about blogging so I’m doing last weeks recap today. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Let’s start with the awesome deal I got on this “mini” watermelon. A) It’s not that mini and B) it was only $2.50. Heck yes! Watermelon for DAYS.


With Riley not feeling well and throwing up on a regular basis, we had been using 409 Carpet cleaner and while it’s works good, some of the darker stains (like this one) just wouldn’t come out. So Todd found this cleaner on Amazon and it works WONDERS! If you have a stain. Buy it.

Folex Carpet Spot RemoverWe had some Japanese customers at work the other day and it is customary to give gifts at business meetings. They gave us a letter opener- of which I thought was a mini sword at first and freaked me out because we can’t have stuff like that at work, haha.

Japanese Gifts

We also got two sweet treats- green tea matcha cookies and these chocolate wafer cookies. Both yummy!

IMG_20150508_084657955_HDR IMG_20150508_083153409Moving right along on the sweets train… my Friday donut. It was from Nicolas and was a vanilla frosting filled donut with thick rich chocolate frosting on top. OVER THE TOP sweet. Todd and I polished this bad boy off.

Nicola's Frosting Filled DonutAnd more on delicious eats- MOTHER’S DAY! I love my mom so so so so much! She is the most selfless person I know and is always there for me at the drop of a hat. Even at almost 30, I lean on her more than ever. I won’t get too sappy, because we all know I’m good at that, but pretty much, my mom is the best and I hope to be just like her one day <3

Oxford Exchange

To celebrate, we had grilled salmon with chili sauce, a Mediterranean-ish bulgar salad, asparagus and green beans. It was all super delicious.  Mother's Day DinnerI had to skimp on dinner a bit to save room for a NEW CAKE! My mom always gets adventurous with her dessert choices and this time she went with a coconut cake with coconut lime frosting! My sister made it and it came out SO GOOD. I just love homemade desserts, especially those with frosting ;)

IMG_20150510_195923422 IMG_20150510_193731225

And that’s a wrap folks! Have a great week! Hope you did something sweet to celebrate your mom yesterday :)


WIAW: Surprise Morning Snack

6 May

What I Ate Wednesday Button

See what other people are eating at the WIAW Party! Onto my eats…

Before work blueberries! I always seem to wake up a bit hungry. I need a little something to tide me over until I get into work and eat breakfast, and these little guys did the trick!

Morning Blueberries

Decaf Coffee baby! I’ve got to admit, the Starbucks Decaf Verona is pretty darn tasty.

Starbucks Decaf Verona

Fage 2% and zoatmeal (1/2 cup oats, 1/3 cup grated zucchini, 1 cup almond milk= microwaved for 5 min on 50% power) for the break of the fast.

Fage 2%Zoatmeal

Mid-morning snack of hummingbird cake! It was a co-workers birthday and someone brought in a homemade hummingbird cake with banana, pineapple, pecans and cream cheese frosting. MMm Mmmm.Talk about a sugar rush! I didn’t even share this with Todd. Muah haha.

Hummingbird Cake

I had a lighter lunch because of the above indulgence. A one egg, 6 egg white frittata(?) with spinach and mushrooms. Oh and bite of left over chicken sausage.

Egg spinach mushroom frittata

Snacks included green bean fries  with ketchup and mustard combo for dipping.

Green Bean Fries

And an hour or so later, cucumbers (with salt) and grape tomatoes. 

Veggie snackI was going to have an avocado with the cukes and tomatoes, but it was NASTY! I’ve never had one like this and I was so sad :( I tried to eat the middle, which was OK, but just gave up so I wouldn’t get sick.

Nasty avocado

For dinner I went with the Cinco de Mayo theme and made quesadillas for Todd and a salsa chicken salad with sauteed green pepper and onions for me. Obviously I stole a few slices of quesadilla, which were pretty good if I don’t say so myself. I even used greek yogurt for the sour cream and Todd didn’t even notice!

Cinco de Mayo SaladQuesadilla

Instead of my usual nut butter shot, I just had a handful of nuts, which went unpictured. Oh well. I was too busy chatting with Jessie to mind :)

Did you eat anything Cinco de Mayo themed yesterday?

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