Last Weeks Shenanigans

3 May

I know I did a weekly recap last weekend, so I hope this isn’t too redundant, but I’ll tell you what, I’ve been in a writing rut lately. I sat on the couch Saturday and told Todd I needed to write a blog and he said, “well do it!” Problem was, I had writers block. Seems like I have for a few weeks, hence, the WIAW posts and then one random one. Hope you guys don’t mind and I appreciate you sticking around :)

Let’s start on a low note so we can end with the positives… Riley girl hasn’t been feeling well the past few weeks and this week, so threw up a few times. The worst was on Thursday. It was so dark and right by her “bed.”

Riley Throw Up

I had only been feeding her a mixture of plain white rice, pumpkin and boiled chicken, like I did when she was sick a while back. She seemed to keep the chicken down, but not the rice. Whenever she feels bad she’s always stuck to my hip. Whether I’m on the floor or using the bathroom, she’s by my side.

IMG_20150427_193941200 IMG_20150428_121135343I think part of the reason she wasn’t feeling good was because Todd’s been out of town again. He went back to Israel for 3 weeks and just got back Friday. I’m hoping she was just really anxious and missing her daddy. We’ll see how she acts this coming up week.

On a much smaller negative note… my stupid fork broke halfway through my salad at work. Note to self- bring a real fork.

Broken Fork

Turning to the positive… I nursed a co-workers dead plant back to life! Look at all the green! And speaking of greens… there are 2 servings of them in that Vega Chocolate Protein & Greens shake. Yummo.

Vega Protein and Greens

Treat number one at work… coconut macaroon.

Macaroon Treat number two… the Friday Donut. A Nicola’s Donut none the less. It was rocky road. Not gonna lie, I only had a bite and saved the rest for my dad :)Nicola's Rocky Road DonutTreat number three was homemade pizza my mom brought over Saturday night when my her and my dad came over to pick up the donut….

Mom's Homemade Pizza

You’re never too old to be spoiled by your parents :) Happy Weekend!

Give me a positive thing of yours from last week…



What I Ate Wednesday

29 Apr

Before I start with the food party, I want to mention something that the lovely Jessie, from JessieLoves2Run, is doing. Her husband works with 5 men who have been affected by the earth quake in Nepal and she has started a GoFundMe page for those who’d like to donate to those men. The money will go directly to those families. Check out her post NEPAL EARTHQUAKE DISASTER RELIEF which includes a link for donation :)

Now onto my eats. Thanks to Jenn for the link up!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Coffee! Now that I only drink decaf, I had a Starbucks decaf K Cup in my super cool Starbucks mug.

Decaf Coffee

The break of the fast: Just the normal Zoatmeal (1/2c oats, 1/3c zucchini, 1c milk) and Fage 2 %.
ZoatmealFage 2%

Snackage: Chocolate Chip Cookie Larabar. Mmmm.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Larabar

Lunch: Just like I’ve weened myself off of regular coffee, I’ve decided I need to do the same with eggs. Trying to transition from dippy/runny eggs to just scrambled is going to be hard :(
Last EggsAs a side, I had some Mung Bean Pasta from Explore Asian. This stuff is good! So far, every pasta I’ve tried from them is awesome. I just topped it with some butter! The portion below is about half a portion and has 14 grams of protein. Are you kidding me?! That’s like the same as in my eggs.Mung Bean PastaRiley didn’t want me to go back to work (and neither did I) after lunch so she tried to block me. It worked for a minute while I gave her some belly rubs, but then I was off.

Riley Guard

Afternoon snack #1:  Green bean fries. It is important to note that the mix of mustard and ketchup is the perfect dipping sauce. Like I say with the zoatmeal- just try it!

Green Bean Fries

Snack #2: Healthy fats from half an avocado with salt.

Half Avocado

Snack #3: Unpictured trail mix at my parents while my mom cooked dinner :)

Dinner: Compliments of my parents once again. We had pork loin with sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli and cauliflower. Healthy and delicious.

Pork lion, veg, sweet potatoe Dessert: This shouldn’t be a shocker… a nut butter shot! Those layers though <3

Nut Butter Shot

What’s your favorite way to have eggs?

Last Week Day By Day

26 Apr

I started my week off watching Boston and cheering everyone on from my desk. I streamed the race, with the sound muted and it made my Monday morning FLY by! God I love running!

Boston 2015

On Tuesday, my freakin shoe broke! The strap came out of the bottom. I got clever and stapled that bad boy together and finished up with some tape. Thankfully, I was able to go home for lunch and switch my shoes out.

IMG_20150422_071522146I came in Wednesday and had these on my desk. It was my first time trying them and they are delicious. The peanut butter inside is much more soft a real peanut butter-like than in a Reese’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a Reese’s but the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate PB cups are just as good!


Thursday I decided to make some banana bites. These were super simple. One ripe banana mashed, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, handful of chocolate chips. Baked at 350 for 16 minutes. They come to about 20 cals a pop. The perfect sweet little bite to tide me over or have after a meal instead of a cookie.


My co-worker came in on Friday with a new do. She had a little grayish purple in her hair. Pretty bold for a 60 something year old lady. I love it.

Purple HairI received something pretty awesome on Saturday… Vega Protein and Greens. I love that there’s 20g of plant based protein and 2 servings of greens in each scoop… all for 110 cals- ummm yes. So far the chocolate is my fave.

Vega Protein and GreensSunday Funday was spent at my parents. I actually wrote this post there and pretty much just hung out on their couch all day :) Riley’s a pretty big fan of their backyard and all the lizards she finds, so she was cool with a weekend at grandma and grandpas, too. Maddie cozied up with me and Ry found some tile to cool off on, haha.

Ry and MaddieWell, that was my last week. I guess it was pretty darn good. Full of watching running, yummy treats and family.

How was your week?




WIAW: Mmmmm Food

22 Apr

Happy Hump Day ya’ll! Let’s celebrate with some yummy food. Thanks to Jenn for the party!!

6:45 AM= Same cottage cheese spoonfuls as last week.

Cottage Cheese

7:30 AM= My morning protein Fage 2% mixed with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice.

Pumpkin Chobani

8 AM= Zoatmeal! 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/3ish cup grated zucchini, 1 cup water, vanilla extract. Cooked on 50% power for 5 1/2 min then finished off with TJ’s coconut creamer to make it nice and rich.

Zaotmeal with Coconut Creamer

10:30 AM= Half an avocado.  Always a good choice. I usually keep this for the afternoon, but today I wanted it in the AM.

Avocado half

12 PM= Sometimes you just crave cheese and carbs. I had one last package of Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Mac n Cheese and almost devoured it before I remember to take a pic.

TJ's Mac N CheeseTo balance out the “badness” I had a whole slew of sauteed veggies.

Sauteed Veg

3 PM= Vega Chocoalte AlmondIt’s kind of like a Larabar but less sugar :)

Vega Chocolate Coconut Almond Bar

6 PM= Time for Din Din. Chicken with TJ’s African Smoked Spice, small thing of left over Mexican corn, asparagus that Tj’s had for $1.99 a bunch (!!!) and collard greens.

Din Din

8:15 PM= Just because I can’t run, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be keeping loose. I foam rolled and then reward myself with a nut butter shot: cashew butter, sunflower seed butter and almond butter. Oh, and small piece of chocolate to wash it all down :)

Shot and foam rollRiley also had dessert of PB from a container. Like mother like dogter :)

Riley's PB

What’s your fave morning snack?

Gifts, Giving and My Friday Donut

18 Apr

I feel like there has been a lot of gift giving and receiving going on at work lately, so I figured I would share some of the kindness…

A lady at work and I were talking about how people always bring crap (albeit yummy crap) food on birthdays. Donuts, cupcakes, cake, cookies. While it’s delicious there are so many birthdays that this food no longer becomes a special occasion food. Her birthday was a few week later and I brought her the “treats” below…

Banana Birthday

I think I told you guys how I was watching a plant for a coworker who was traveling for over 6 months in Australia. Well, for watching his plant, he brought me back some lemon butter and Vegemite. The lemon butter is oh so good and tastes like lemon meringue pie! The Vegemite however, was gross. I’ll give it another shot in a week or so. It was just too mineral tasting. Blah.
Lemon Butter VegemiteOne morning I came in to find this gem on my desk…

Sleek Starbucks MugIt’s so sleek and modern. Even the box it came in was nice. It was a very nice and unexpected gift :) Speaking of unexpected, I was at Target the other day and saw the Hershey’s Speedy Bunny on sale for .75 cents. I mean, how can you pass that up?!

Speedy BunnyOn my drive into Target I noticed a homeless woman sitting on the curb with two dogs. I decided to buy some dog food for them. I don’t know the woman’s situation or how she got there, but I definitely know the dogs can’t do anything about it and I wanted to help them out :)

Dog FoodAnd last and certainly not least, was the HUGE apple fritter I got on Friday to share with my dad. A guy always brings donuts into work on Fridays from a local shop and since we both get in early, the fritter was still warm when I got it from him. I haven’t had a fritter in a LONG time and it was beyond good.

Huge Apple FritterWhat’s the last thing you gave someone?

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