Pregnancy: Weeks 25-28

10 Oct

I am officially in my third trimester. Woot woot! The end is (somewhat) near. When everyone asks how I’m feeling, I tell them I’m at the best stage. I’ve got a cute preggo belly and I don’t just look like I have a food baby or like I have a gut. At the same time though, I’m not huge and uncomfortable yet. It’s the honeymoon stage of pregnancy.

Baby Winchell 27 Wks

Baby girl is doing good! Just like at our 20 wk appointment, she was not cooperating to get any good pics, so this is one of the best we got. You can see her nose and mouth. The white thing coming down from her mouth is her tongue and throat.

Big Belly

She’s 2.7 lbs and in the 55 percentile for growth. That would explain the bigger belly! I honestly don’t have many bump pictures other than those at the gym, but I promise I’ll start getting better now that my weekly changes are more apparent.

Weight Gain= I gained 14 lbs as of 24 weeks. Wk 25- 0, Wk 26- 1, Wk 27- 1, Wk 28- 1. Total by 28 weeks: 17 lbs.Wk 24 27

Cravings/Aversions= This is the same as last time. I’m boring and haven’t craved anything other than food in general. I’m trying to be conscious of what I put in my mouth- making healthy choices that will help my baby grow. That option doesn’t always win out, but at least I’m trying ;)

Chicken KabobsSymptoms= It doesn’t really affect me in my everyday life, but when it comes to working out, I get sweaty much easier and quicker than I used to. My boobs leak. Hopefully this means I’ll be a milk producing machine! I get an uncomfortable tightness in my upper belly right under my bra line every night. Not sure if it’s because my stomach is full and stretching/pushing up or if it’s my posture deteriorating throughout the day, but it’s annoying- and yes, I know it will get worse. Sleep is hit or miss- more hit than miss though. I seem to have to blow my nose more often and half the time there’s some trace of blood in it. Same thing with flossing. I can’t floss now without my gums bleeding. OH! And my feet sweel by the end of the day, especially my ankles.

Yup... that's boob leakage overnight. So Weird.

Yup… that’s boob leakage overnight. So Weird.

Workouts= I’m not running anymore since I started getting pain for the first 30 seconds or so of running in my pubic region. I could probably still run.  I’m not hurting the baby. She’s packed in there well with lots of fluids and surrounding organs to protect her… I’d only be hurting myself. And it’s not worth risking getting hurt to run 3 miles a few time during pregnancy. I’d rather do everything I can to be able to train post baby! I’m still doing cardio through walking and the elliptical. And of course my fave Body Pump!


Ellipticalling at 28 Weeks

Misc= I’ve purchased some more maternity specific tops/shirts, dresses and jeans. I now wear 75% maternity clothes. I haven’t really talked about it yet, but I’m feeling her move ALL THE TIME! It’s pretty weird and exciting at the same time. Sometimes I get distracted at work just feeling her move. Todd can feel her, too and is loving it. Makes is so much more real <3

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Sorry AGAIN it took me so long to write AGAIN and give you a Weekly Wrap Up and Weekend Snapshot . I hope everyone is having a  Marvelous Monday because I know I am :)

Aaaaaaaaaand It’s Been a Whole Week.

5 Oct

Sorry guys and gals… I was on such a role with blogging every few days and after my crazy week last week, the trend somewhat continued. Between dealing with insurance crap, an extra doc appointment to check on Baby Girl, lots of work and planning a trip, I’ve had another super busy week.Belly


The belly’s getting big. Guess it’s kind of hard to tell with the print of my dress today. My appetite has been OUTTA control. I’m trying to keep it healthy… here’s a mid week dinner: grilled pork loin, roasted cabbage, onion and carrots, steamed green beans and roasted potatoes that I ate off the pan since they finished cooking first and I was starving ;)Pork DinnerThen I come across stuff like this… Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cookie ButterThankfully I was smart enough NOT to purchase it. I’m afraid I would’ve eaten the whole thing in one sitting and like I told my gal Christina, I wouldn’t be able to justify it like I do when I eat a jar of nut butter- at least that has healthy fats, haha. Has anyone tried this?! I NEED to know if it’s good.EllipticalStill going strong at the gym. No more running, but the elliptical and I have become BFF. I just bring my Kindle and read for an hour. Not to mention Body Pump… still loving it!car accidentFound out mid week that my car was officially totaled. Doesn’t look that bad, but it was my friends. I went to pick up the check for what it’s worth and now it’s time to start car shopping!Rice Crispy TreatThe people at the insurance place I picked up the check from had treats out for their guests, so I grabbed a rice crispy treat (haven’t had one of those in forever! well beside a healthy one a few months back) and a water. It was the perfect pre-workout fuel ;)Cinnamon BroomI love cinnamon brooms… now these scream fall to me.Treadmill DeskWork is still pretty busy, so I worked from home a bit this weekend. I’m pretty sure everyone needs a treadmill desk because I was so productive and got in 4 walking miles. Multitasking champ! All that productivity earned me some froyo on my couch :)Couch FroyoAnd Sunday Dinner continued with the healthy theme. We had a pot roast, using an eye of round cut of meat to keep it lean, potatoes, green beans onions and gravy. Paired with some green beans because you always need green with your meals!Roast DinnerSorry it took me so long to write again and give you a Weekly Wrap Up and  Weekend Snapshot . I hope everyone is having a  Marvelous Monday because I know I am :)

What was your last healthy dinner?

PS Sorry this post was so random and all over the place… my mind is in the same state, haha.

What A Week

27 Sep

Hello there Ladies and Gents! I had a super busy, good then bad week. It started off pretty good when I finally found the Pecan Pie M&M’s. Usually Target has the specialty flavors, but theses were a Wal-Mart exclusive- a store I’m not a fan of. I had been on the hunt for them, stopping in once a week to check the candy sections and I finally found them! Pecan Pie M&M's

I was a little disappointed that they were milk chocolate. I was hoping they’d be white chocolate like the Candy Corn ones were. There was a hint of pecan but the chocolate definitely overpowered. Oh well. I still find it fun trying all the flavors. While at Wal-Mart, I also bought a self tanner spray. You guys… I did pretty good over all, but my feet were orange the next day and my arms had a nice line down the back from them resting on the table that night while I used my laptop.Spray Tan Line

I had a big presentation Thursday morning at 8AM and the beginning of my week was filled with research, collaboration and preparation. Thursday morning came and I got in at 6:30AM to finalize everything and look over my notes. I logged into my computer only to find out that my preso was moved to Friday morning. Great right? NO! I had freshly washed hair, the perfect outfit (I have like 2 dressy pant/top maternity outfits) and was just ready to get it over with, haha. Of course, Thursday night ended up begin one of those nights I barely slept (3.5hrs) so come Friday morning, this was called for…

Nespresso and Pumpkin Milanos

Nespresso and my last two Pumpkin Spice Milano’s. Pre-breakfast of champions. I reserve caffeinated coffee for mornings like this. It did the trick. It went really well and I got a $50 Amazon gift card for having such a good preso! Holla.Amazon Gift CardI had a dentist appointment Friday at 1 and thankfully, all those extra hours I worked during the week meant I didn’t have to go back to work after the appointment. Again… holla! Except, I never made it to the dentist…

I ended up getting in a car accident on the way there. I was sandwiched between two other cars and my car is potentially totaled. It wasn’t my fault and I was in such shock when it happened. To make matters worse, Todd wasn’t here. I immediately I called my mom who came asap. I thought to myself, how am I going to have my own kid, when I still call my mom for everything… I guess a mom’s work never ends!
My car was towed and my mom brought me home to change (we were sweating our butts off in the FL heat), check Baby Girl’s heart beat with my fetal doppler and grab a snack before heading to the ER.Pregnant ER visitThe guy who checked me in said he was glad I said I was pregnant because sometimes he’s worried the person just has a food baby. My mom and I cracked up, because I have an awesome food baby when I’m not actually pregnant, haha. And this wasn’t even after eating…

Food BabyEverything checked out OK. I wasn’t bleeding, had no contractions or pain, so they sent me home, saying if anything changes to go to the hospital that I’ll be delivering at. NOTE: if your pregnant, don’t go to the closest ER, go to your delivering hospital or they might make you take an ambulance there=$$$.

So that was a fun Weekly Wrap Up and  Weekend Snapshot . Saturday I went shopping for some maternity jeans and clothes for cooler temps and Sunday was elliptical time, getting a rental car and finishing up my baby registry. Hopefully you had a better week/end than me! But I’m still having a  Marvelous Monday!

Give me a highlight of your week…




20 Sep

Current book: “The Last Letter From Your Lover” by JoJo Moyes. I’m about 25% through and I’m liking it so far.

Current song: “Cheerleader” by Hailee Steinfeld and “House Party” by Sam Hunt. I’m a huge country music fan.

Current drink: Kevita Master Brew Kombucha in the Pineapple Peach flavor. I usually get the GT brand, but this was on sale and is REALLY good!

Pineapple Peach Kombucha

Current guilty pleasure: Pumpkin Spice Milano Cookies

Current food: STEAK! I’ve been all about the red meat lately. Steak DInner

Current need: To finish my baby registry. So many options and things you THINK you need. I’ve been going back and reading other bloggers lists and that helps.

Current workout: Body Pump and the Elliptical, with running hopefully sprinkled in.Ellipticalilng

Current procrastination: Sorting through HUGE bags of baby clothes that people have given us. I’m grateful, but seriously, there’s so much. I need to wash them all and sort them into sizes.

Current confession: I’m keeping a pretty big secret from (some of) you guys.

Current blessing: My growing bump!Growing Baby Bump

Current excitement: Just got off the phone with Jessie from Jessie Love to Run. It was 3AM her time (she lives in Kuwait) and we were chatting during her walk/workout. Made my night :) 

Current mood:

Current link: Over 50 Coconut Oil Uses. #5, 32, & 46

All of the above are currently Marvelous in My Monday!

Give me your currently…

I Might Be Getting To That Point

17 Sep

I have some Thinking Out Loud to do today…

Let’s start with the light stuff… I’ve been digging frozen berry and chocolate protein powder (and of course spinach!) smoothies just as much as my pumpkin spice smoothies lately. I’m not trying to hold onto summer, as one might think. It’s going to be hot here for the next 2 months, haha. I think it just makes me want the pumpkin pie one even more the next time ;)
Berry and Chocolate Smoothie

Still digging on my nut butter shots. Chocolate AB on the bottom <3

Nut Butter Shot

Just an update on my bruise… it’s like a rainbow now. So attractive.Rainbow Bruise

I bought an extra small flower plant for my desk- yes, it’s real. I also got these fun white accessories, that came with a file holder and supply holder. Eventually I’ll replace the almonds with business cards ;) And yesterday I noticed this little jade Buddha on my desk that someone secretly put there. Still not sure who it is, but I’ll rub it’s little belly for good luck!Office Decor

Look who liked my comment on her post! Kara Goucher baby! Makes me smile big :)KaraLike

Speaking of running… I think my preggo running days are slowly coming to an end. I stay sore for longer, and by sore, I mean my pubic bone/ pelvic area, not my legs. I have 10-15 seconds of almost pain in the beginning of a run, which goes away and doesn’t return during or after, but still. Other than the pubic uncomfortableness, my belly feels fine.

Running Belt

It’s really frustrating because obviously I want to run my entire pregnancy. It’s really hard not to compare myself to other women who are able to run the whole time. I know that every person and every pregnancy is different, but I don’t want to accept it, haha. For now, I’ll just be running once my soreness is completely gone, so probably once a week. I want to play it smart, as it’s more important to me to be able to train post baby than get in a few miles now. Reading THIS ARTICLE really resonated with me and I know I need to listen to my body. Cue the sadness. I’m glad I’m still able to do Body Pump, the elliptical, walk, etc.MyMomRunsFasterOnsie
Umm yaaaaaaaa, I’m going to need a few onsies like this for our baby girl. Just sayin <3

Tell me something you’re thinking about…

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