My Running Journey Mile by Mile :)

I totally published this with no intro and only the days of the week bullet points… my bad, so since I’m editing it, I might as well go ahead and introduce my wonderful, amazing, support friend Jolene and her new blog Zebra Girl Runs. She’s a mother of 4 who is killing the running scene. So much inspiration, information and fun will be on her blog, plus, she’s fast and getting faster! Her kids are awesome and are so good with Kara and her hubby is a great guy, too. Check her out Monday: Kara was a silly girl and kept […]


These weeks are just ticking by huh? Here’s a recap of some fun stuff (and of course running!) from last week: Does anyone else plan/set out their outfits for the week? I find it so helpful in the morning. Side note- half of these shirts are my mom’s. Double wardrobe baby. I submitted a product request to my local Whole Foods for the Mint Chip and Mocha Chip Halo Top flavors and they actually got them! Jolene and I’s Halo Top parties have been even better now 😉 My mid week run was a killer but I nailed it. This […]

15mile pace run

Last week was a short work week and it flew by! Hopefully that’s not going to make this week feel even longer. And hopefully the coffee with pumpkin spice creamer that I’m drinking right now helps 😉 Let’s jump right into running… my midweek workout went well. I think I was still feeling the affects of losing so much water weight from my Sunday Long Run, as those first 7 miles were tougher than normal. I was still able to bang out the tempos and felt great after. You know what else was great? This freakin brownie! It was so ooey […]


Well hello there! Those of us in FL had a 5 day weekend because of hurricane Hermine. Schools/daycares were closed Thursday and Friday (therefor I worked from home) PLUS being off for Labor Day. Actually, I worked from my parents home, so that they could help watch Kara and I could actually get work done, haha. Anyone with kids knows that they love technology and lights so my dad picked out a laptop for Kara to work on 😉 Friday was a short work day, as I had accumulated lots of hours earlier in the week, so Kara and I […]


Happy Monday folks! Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a fabulous week! Here’s a recap of last week… This kid and her wispy hair! She used to have such a full head of dark hair… not so much anymore. At least she’s still cute <3 Sometimes you just need help slowing down on those easy runs… this is when a friend who’s looking to you to get faster (like I do with Jolene) comes in handy. I help pace her to a faster time, which MAKES me slow down. Win-Win. Had dinner over at my parents […]


Let’s start with the beginning of last week. I caught this sweet moment and it made my heart melt. I changed the wallpaper on my phone to this image. Being Fierce is kinda my thing with the marathon. I killed my Wednesday tempo run! My mid week tempos on the treadmill have been the only thing keeping me positive during this training cycle. Hopefully this means in great weather I can really hit decent paces! During the week, we usually get to work around 6:15/30AM, which means that Kara is dropped off at daycare around 6 AM. On Fridays, I […]


I got a standing desk at work! This was right when it was installed, but I’ve since decorated a bit. My feet were actually pretty sore from standing so this weekend I bought a mat to stand on. Hopefully that helps. I’m excited to see my productivity skyrocket 😉 The Long Run. My long run this week was, you guessed it… tough. The workout was 2 warm up, 2 x 1.5 miles at 7:25, 10 miles, 3 miles @ 7:30, 2 cool down. I hit the first two 1.5’s at 7:20 and 7:23, but the last three miles were cut […]

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