WIAW: Switching It Up

28 Jan

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I feel like my “at work” WIAW are probably getting boring for you guys and gals. During the week, yogurt/zoatmeal, some form of eggs or salad, a PB&J or apple are just the easiest things to make and bring or keep on hand at home. This week I’m going to switch things up and share my Sunday eats…

Breakfast: It was rather cold for Florida on Sunday (low of 54) and I knew I could sleep in and still have perfect running weather, so that’s what I did. I ended up sleeping until 8:15ish :) Once I got up, I had some water and half a banana, sorry, no pic. While I chatted with Todd I munched on two cookies (more on these in another post).

Speculoos Cookies

The cookies seemed to do the trick because I had a great run! My thought was that the cookies were calorie dense but a small amount of food, so I could run right after eating them. Usually I have to wait 30 min or so. Between these cookies and the naner it’s almost 225 cals… that’s like a bagel.
Sunday Run

Hydration: See the salt lines on my arm and face? Ya, it was chilly and low humidity and I STILL sweat like no other. Just goes to show you how important hydration is, even when it’s not hot out! Nuun to the rescue like always!


I hit up Trader Joe’s this weekend and got this coconut creamer. It’s pretty good! Very lightly sweet, but not really. Doesn’t really taste to coconutty either. Maybe if you’re looking for the taste, but other wise, not so much. Long time readers of HRF will know what this mug means…

TJs Coconut Creamer

Breakfast: Pumpkin Pancakes!!! I love pancakes. I only had about 1/4 cup of pumpkin left, so these weren’t overly pumpkin (hence the lack of orange color) but there was a hint of it. In the mix goes: 3/4 cup Hodgson Mills Insta Bake mix, 1 large egg, pumpkin, 1/3-3/4 cup almond milk or water. I make 3 manhole sized ones, but if you like smaller super fluffy ones, you could easily make this into 6.
Pumpkin Pancakes

Riley was wining for a walk, so after pancakes I took her out to enjoy the nice weather and catch some lizards.Riley bushesBreakfast 2: Once we got back I another cup of coffee to warm up before getting cold again with a smoothie. I add ice, almond milk, vanilla whey protein powder, PB2, and spinach and blend away!

PB2 Shake

See that “tree” on the table? A guy at work is traveling until May and I am watching it for him :) After my shake I FINALLY shower and head over to meet Baby Beau! So tiny and so cute!

Baby BeauCame home and prepped some food for the week. Brussel sprouts are back in my life! I munch on a few of these while I made lunch.

Brussel SproutsLunch: An easy peasy lunch. Red/green peppers and onions sauteed and turned into an omelet with cheddar cheese, steamed asparagus and some unpictured lentils, right out of the container, on the side.

Omelet Asparagus

After some laundry and vacuuming, I headed over to a girlfriends house for dinner.

Rib DinnerDinner: Baked beans with bacon and ground beef mixed in, green beans, sweet potato fries and the star of the show… RIBs! Made in the Big Green Egg. They cam out SO.GOOD. We had brownies for dessert, but I didn’t get a picture.

Big Green Egg Ribs

When I got home, I felt bad that Riley had been home alone most of the day, so I took her for a nighttime walk…Ry Night WalkShe kind of looks like an alien with the red tint. Took this picture under a street lamp with no flash. Though it looked pretty cool.

Dessert 2: After our walk, I decided it was still a good idea to have a nut butter shot, so we cuddle on the couch while watching a DVRed episode of Parenthood. I’m pretty sad this is the last season.

Shot Snuggles

See what other people are eating over at Peas and Crayons.

Have you ever had anything cooked in a Big Green Egg?

Healthified Recipes. Tested and Tried.

25 Jan

I, along with the help of my sister, the chef of the family, tested out a few healthified recipes I found on a few fun blogs. Here are the results…

Fried Rice

It seems the cauliflower rice trend has come and gone.  However, a while back I thought it was about time to try it out, so I went to my parents to meet up with Kristin up for lunch.

It was pretty easy to do. I cut a head of cauliflower up into chunks and put it into the food processor a few pieces at a time. I didn’t want to over crowd the processor, so I it took about 4 different times.  I thought I took a picture of it, but I guess not :( Kristin and I tag teamed the prep and while I was ricing the cauliflower, she was cutting veggies and sauteing them.

We made a sauce with the ingredients below and mixed it into the rice to give the meal an Asiany twist. We loosely followed THIS recipe. There is also a good tutorial in that link.

Asian Riced Cauliflower ingredientsAfter combining the sauced “rice” and veggies we scrambled a few eggs to top it off. I must say, this was a delicious dish that was not only filling, but delicious and oh so nutritious!

Fried Riced Cauliflower

Mac N Cheese

Next up was a true classic. Mac N cheese. Now I have to start off by saying nothing and I mean NOTHING can replace straight up mac n cheese, but this was a healthier option that at least keeps the cravings at bay ;)

Mac N Cheese

We used THIS recipe, but omitted the breadcrumbs and upped the grated parm to 2/3 cup. It was really good and I will definitely make it again. It’s actually quite filling, more so than I thought it would be. It was creamy and cheesy and everything a mac n cheese should be… minus the noodles ;) And yes, that’s ketchup on my broccoli. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Plated Mac N Cheese

Whole Wheat Tortillas

Todd is the major consumer of tortillas in our house, but I do like a fajita or burrito or roll up sometimes and really want a healthier option than store bought ones. Even the whole wheat ones are loaded with random crap so when I came across THIS recipe, I knew I wanted to try it. Of course, what I mean by that is for Kristin to make it and I try it ;) I forwarded her the link and the next day I got a text with this picture…

Whole Wheat Tortillas

They were SO GOOD! Kristin said that without the sil pat, these would’ve been EXTREMELY hard to pull off the counter. They kept for a week in the fridge, but towards the end of the week, they were a little harder to roll up. Doesn’t matter though. They were really yummy and super healthy!

Tortilla wrap

So there you have it. Some healthified recipes WORTH making. You know you’ve tried a few recipes that don’t come out that great. No? Liar. I always get pissed when the food I eat isn’t good… especially if I’ve taken time to make it. That being said…

Give me a healthified recipe you approve of!

. Thinking Out Loud .

22 Jan

I’m linking up with Amanda for her “Thursday’s are for thinking out loud” posts. I figured, it’s kind of like my fave confession posts, so I’m gonna roll with it.


* I made a huge batch of lentils over the weekend and I’m afraid they’ll go bad. Actually, I know they won’t go bad, because I NEVER waste food. I think I’m just afraid I’ll get bored with them. You can’t eat too much of them right?! I mean, they are a perfect protein/carb food.


* Body Pump 92 was released this week at my Y (it was superhero themed) and I already really like it! Usually it takes me a few classes to get used to the new routine and music, but this release I like from the get go. The squat track is awesome and I LOVE all the clean n presses! The only thing I don’t like is the Ab track. Love the song (Fancy) but I think the moves are too slow.

Body Pump 92

* I really need to bring a metal fork to work when I’m eating salads for lunch. I think I get too excited and poke too hard to get everything in one bite. At least this happened once I was almost finished…

Broken Fork

* Two things about this mug… 1) My sis has had the same one, but my mom broke it and now I’m on a mission to replace hers. 2) I never really wore lipstick, but Kristin bought me some good quality lip sticks for Christmas and I’ve been wearing it regularly. I’m not a big make up person and I think it adds just enough color to my face without going overboard.

26.2 Mug* I really love going to my parents for dinner and to hang out. I think Sunday dinner is the best, even when it’s simple. Roasted chicken, green beans and roasted cabbage, onions and carrots. We’ve never roasted cabbage before and everyone (even my dad!) really liked it.

Sunday Dinner

* I thought I would totally love the pumpkin spice flavored JIF Whips, but it’s just OK. I saw it on sale at Target and so OBVIOUSLY I had to try it. Meh. I wouldn’t buy it again. I’d be better off adding PPS to the almond butter I make.

JIF Whips Pumpkin Spice

Looking at all previous bullets… I think a lot about food. HA! Guess this was more of a “randoms” post than a “thinking” post, but hey, I like to think about random things, so it’s fitting.

Give me a thought of yours or a recipe with lentils (not soup!)…

PS I love Thursdays because the new Publix Ad comes out :)

To _____ Or Not To _____… THAT is the Question

20 Jan

To 15k or not to 15k?

The Gasparilla Distance Classic is easily Tampa’s biggest running event. There is a huge expo and there are 4 races total (half marathon, 15k, 8k and 5k) over the two day weekend. As we all know, I’m not supposed to be doing any kind of training, racing or long distance running. I’ve had several people ask me if I’m going to race run that weekend and up until a few weeks ago, my answer was no. The 5k (Saturday) is PACKED, plus, that’s the distance my parents usually do and I go to cheer them on. The half and 8k are on Sunday and I don’t want to drive down there twice. So that leaves me with the 15k…


On Sunday, I wanted to test the possibility of doing the 15k by seeing if I could still “easily” run 9 miles. I figured, if I was huffing and puffing, there’s no way I should run it. I’m not supposed to be pushing my body these days. Wellll, it was a pretty easy run. I’m sure the cooler weather helped so I’m going to test it out again this coming up weekend. Since the price increase has already happened, I’m going to wait to see what the weather is like a little closer to the race and make my final decision.

To make bone broth or not to make bone broth?

I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of bone broth and I can’t decide if I should make it or not. Pretty much everything I’ve read is anecdotal. Do you have to eat/drink the fat layer on the top to get the benefits? I’m not afraid of a little fat, but that just plain grosses me out. The jury’s way out on this one, but it’s still on the docket.

To Kombucha or not to Kombucha?

I recently purchased two bottles of kombucha, again, after reading so much about it online. Like the bone broth, most of the benefits I’ve read are anecdotal with no real studies done, but both things have been around for a LONG TIME so that should count for something, right?! I tried the ginger one first and it was vinegary and very gingery and I really liked it in small sips. I expected the green one to be on the earthy, grassy side, but it wasn’t at all and I actually think I like that one more.


The “directions” say to drink one bottle a day, but at $3.50 a piece, that ish ain’t happenin. Do you think I’d still “benefit” only drinking half a day? Oh, and Riley wanted to be included in the post. In the green picture, she kept rolling over for belly rubs, so I just went with it. Silly dog.

To park or not to park?

At my work, employees park in the back of the building in a gated area. In that gated area there are reserved parking spots for the managers. One of the managers is out and told one of her direct reports that she could park in her spot. Well, MY boss is also out, people are telling me to park in his spot. HOWEVER… my boss is the director and has a special spot in the front of the building. Only like 5 people have a reserved spot there. He didn’t directly tell me to park there while he’s gone, but I kind of want to, haha.

To hem or not to hem?

I already know the answer to this, I’m just trying to convince my cheap self to go ahead and do it already.

Safety Pin Hem

Ya, those are safety pins.

To cut or not to cut?

I really need to get my hair done. I can’t decide if I want to get it colored and trimmed or cut.

Hair Cut

I want beautiful, long, thick hair like my sister, but it sucks to have long hair when you run. Not to mention, I have thin hair and all the hair products in the world wouldn’t get me hair like this…

Kristin and RichIsn’t she gorgeous? Ugh. <- Just kidding, I love her and her hottness.

What’s your ____ or not to ____?

PS JUST got this e-mail and had to share… PRO Compression has a new design! JAIL BREAK baby!

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Scatterbrained Saturday

17 Jan

Happy Weekend Folks! I’ve got a bunch of randomness for you today. My weekend started off with a girls night Friday. These nights usually consist of wearing PJs, drinking wine, munching on some kind of food and being silly. Last night, we had cheese, salami, nuts and crackers. Perfect wine pairing!

Wine n Cheese

After I publish this post, I’ll be headed to the Y for my normal Saturday routine… Body Pump, followed by a nice run outside. Part of the trail I run on passes by the Y and now that my long runs are only 6 miles, I don’t make it to that part of the trail so I love switching things up and running there.


Speaking of Body Pump, my parents have been joining me once a week and I love it! A healthy family is a happy family :)

I borrowed the below shirt from my mom and love that it matches my new red-ish pants perfectly. I loved this outfit!


There are a few foods I’ve tried in the last few months that I’ve been meaning to share but haven’t, so I’m doing it now…

EVOS. I had their EVOS Original Championburger: Our signature meatless burger, cholesterol-free, leaf lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard. It was pretty good. I took it to go and sampled some of their airfries while I waited for my order. They were really good! Better than the burger.


Gardein Sizzling Szechuan Beefless Strips. So. Freakin. Good. The sauce is what makes them. Christina was raving about them so I gave ‘em a shot and I’m glad I did. Super good!

Gardein Sizzling Szechuan Beefless Strips

Fitlife Foods. I’ve talked about this place before and stopped in a while back for a quick, easy, healthy lunch. It’s a much healthier option that fast food, but is just as fast! I got the Butternut Turkey: All natural turkey breast topped with our rich and savory butternut sauce, and served with sides of cranberry chutney, low-carb cauliflower mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.

Fitlife Foods Butternut Turkey

One last piece of randomness…

Dog Face



Have a great weekend! What are your girls/boys nights like?

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