My Running Journey Mile by Mile :)

Let’s start with the beginning of last week. I caught this sweet moment and it made my heart melt. I changed the wallpaper on my phone to this image. Being Fierce is kinda my thing with the marathon. I killed my Wednesday tempo run! My mid week tempos on the treadmill have been the only thing keeping me positive during this training cycle. Hopefully this means in great weather I can really hit decent paces! During the week, we usually get to work around 6:15/30AM, which means that Kara is dropped off at daycare around 6 AM. On Fridays, I […]


I got a standing desk at work! This was right when it was installed, but I’ve since decorated a bit. My feet were actually pretty sore from standing so this weekend I bought a mat to stand on. Hopefully that helps. I’m excited to see my productivity skyrocket 😉 The Long Run. My long run this week was, you guessed it… tough. The workout was 2 warm up, 2 x 1.5 miles at 7:25, 10 miles, 3 miles @ 7:30, 2 cool down. I hit the first two 1.5’s at 7:20 and 7:23, but the last three miles were cut […]

Fried Chicken

Marathon Pace Run. This weeks long run was a 13 mile marathon pace run with 2 warm up and cool down. The weather forecast was supposed to be thunderstorms all day, starting around 5AM, so my running partner and I decided to check the radar when we got up and decide. If it was pouring and/or lightning I’d stick to the treadmill. Thankfully, the meteorologist were wrong (aren’t they always) and it didn’t start raining until 2/3’s into our run. Even then it was just a sprinkle. By the time we finished it was really raining and it cut our stretching […]


Mid Week Speed! I mentioned last week that I was on the struggle bus mentally and having a tough time with my speed/tempos. Well, my mid-week quality run was a success and big confidence booster. Disclaimer- I did this run on the treadmill and I feel like it’s always easier to hit your paces on a tread, but still… it boosted my confidence. Baby Pool Party! One of my mommy friends had a bunch of babies over to splash around in the pool My how pool parties have changed.  20 miles! This was an “easy” week for my long run. […]


Running Thoughts. Man. Running is so much harder with a kid and full time job, in the summer heat/humidity, haha. Who knew?! I’ve been riding the mental struggle bus lately and I need to snap out of it. I’ll be in the middle of a tempo run and question why it’s so damn hard, when I used to be able to push myself in that same situation. Maybe by paces are too aggressive or I’m starting out too fast. I had a great run with Jolene last week and I let her dictate the pace (she’s fast). I didn’t look […]

Vietnamese Lunch

Everyone loves pictures, so here’s my life happenings lately in pictures! Alter G WHAT!?! Jolene was rehabbing her knee on this bad boy and I was able to give a try. I was like a kid at Christmas and couldn’t stop smiling. I was running at a 5:56 pace here! So fun. So neat. I need one. Kara loves to give open mouth kisses and I enjoy every slobbery one <3I’ve gotten some good (really sweaty) runs in! I’ve also had a few rough ones… but that’s for another post. A) Kara lives in diapers on the weekends B) Her […]


Let’s talk running! I’ve been nailing my workouts. With Jack Daniel’s plan you pick a peak mileage for the training cycle- I’m going with 55. Those miles are broken down into two quality workouts a week and easy runs. Each week he gives you a percentage of peak mileage to hit. So if my two quality workouts equal 22 miles- say a 14m long run and a 8m speed- and my mileage for the week is 90%- 50 miles- I fill in the rest of the week with 28 easy miles. What I like about this is that I can run 7 […]

Nuun Halo Top Run