My Running Journey Mile by Mile :)

Running Thoughts. Man. Running is so much harder with a kid and full time job, in the summer heat/humidity, haha. Who knew?! I’ve been riding the mental struggle bus lately and I need to snap out of it. I’ll be in the middle of a tempo run and question why it’s so damn hard, when I used to be able to push myself in that same situation. Maybe by paces are too aggressive or I’m starting out too fast. I had a great run with Jolene last week and I let her dictate the pace (she’s fast). I didn’t look […]

Vietnamese Lunch

Everyone loves pictures, so here’s my life happenings lately in pictures! Alter G WHAT!?! Jolene was rehabbing her knee on this bad boy and I was able to give a try. I was like a kid at Christmas and couldn’t stop smiling. I was running at a 5:56 pace here! So fun. So neat. I need one. Kara loves to give open mouth kisses and I enjoy every slobbery one <3I’ve gotten some good (really sweaty) runs in! I’ve also had a few rough ones… but that’s for another post. A) Kara lives in diapers on the weekends B) Her […]


Let’s talk running! I’ve been nailing my workouts. With Jack Daniel’s plan you pick a peak mileage for the training cycle- I’m going with 55. Those miles are broken down into two quality workouts a week and easy runs. Each week he gives you a percentage of peak mileage to hit. So if my two quality workouts equal 22 miles- say a 14m long run and a 8m speed- and my mileage for the week is 90%- 50 miles- I fill in the rest of the week with 28 easy miles. What I like about this is that I can run 7 […]

Nuun Halo Top Run

Last week was a pretty good one. Here’s what went down… #Balance. There are treats at work ALL.THE.TIME. I’m making sure to YOLO, but at the same time, balance it out with lots of veggies and healthy eats. Roasted butternut is back in my life full force. Remember when I used to eat huge plates of it at a time? Mid Week Early Morning Runs. I am a morning runner 100%, so having to do most of my runs in the afternoon after work is not my fave. Todd and I have worked out a system for me to get […]


I’ve chosen my “comeback” marathon… The Towpath Marathon in Akron, OH on October 9th. It runs through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in the fall and everyone says it’s beyond beautiful! I haven’t registered yet, as I want to make sure I can balance training, working and most importantly, family. I plan on following Jack Daniels’s plan like I’ve done in the past with a lot of success. It will most certainly be challenging, especially training during the summer in FL, but I’m up for the challenge. My goal for peak mileage is 60 miles, but I have a feeling 50 will be […]

Legend Compression Wear

Here are some favorites around HRF lately… Pool Time.  We’ve been loving spending time at the pool. Living in FL where almost everyone has a pool and spending time around the water (beach/lake) is a constant, we want Kara to be very familiar and feel comfortable in the water. So far so good. Rain Jacket. I got this bad boy on sale at Target for $12 from $40! Perfect for a light sprinkle run or a quick walk into the office. Afternoon thunderstorms are a daily thing here and I’m thinking this will come in handy! FOOD! Delicious eats having been going […]

Greek Food

Happy Monday folks! Here are some randoms from the past week… What?! How does the below even happen?! I’m sure there will be many more fun positions like this in my future. Green Bean Fries. I’ve been diggin em lately! Have you tried them yet? Our new gym!!! In our old house, we had a pretty sweet set up (see HERE), but I think I like our new gym even more! We now have mirror lined walls, a larger fan mounted on the wall instead of sitting on the bike and still have the portable AC unit to keep things cool […]

Green Bean Fries