Offical Co-Workers and the Cold Week

22 Nov

I hope I haven’t overloaded you guys with “Todd-ness” these last few posts! What can I say? I’m glad he’s back in time for the Holidays (if you recall, he was gone October through December last year.)

Todd took the week after he got back from Taiwan off as vacation, so our official first day as co-workers was Monday… and it was AWESOME! He has a bit more flexible schedule than me, so we got to work at different times. Once I got in, he came over to my desk to welcome me to the company and check out my new diggs. My official name plate :) (Picture taken on a different day)

Work Name Plate

He visited me again after his lunch and before I left to go home to eat and play with Ry. The below was actually on out first official day as co workers… look at that happiness!

Official Coworkers

Everyone kept asking me if I was glad he’s back and wanted to see him. He’s quite popular at work, I’ll tell ya! It was a fun day for sure. After the first day though, I didn’t see much of him at work. On Tuesday, I saw him before he left around 6:45AM and then not until 6:45PM because I took Body Pump after work. I joked that I see him LESS now that I work with him, haha. He currently actually works more at an offsite building across the street, so I won’t be seeing much of him, which is OK. He can still come to the main building and say hey and steal some of the candy on my desk if he wants :)

Looks like I'm running low!

Looks like I’m running low!

Other fun things from the week? It was freakin cold here! Well… cold for here, haha.

Cold Temps

Poor Riley seemed so cold we covered her with a blanket and she slept like that all night. Usually she’s on the couch, then under our bed, then back to the couch and all over at night.

Blanketed Riley

I wore boots to work and played it smart by wearing my PRO Compression socks underneath! Good move Heather. Good. Move.

PRO Compression and Boots

Speaking of PRO… they have updated their website and to celebrate, are offering 40% off EVERYTHING in their store. And, free shipping is available for your purchase over $20 (after discount), shipped to your US address. All you have to do is enter code CYBER at checkout. Hurry! Offer ends Nov 30!

And speaking of deals… you can get this awesome winter water bottle from Nuun with any purchase! Think it’s too cold for Nuun? Nope! You always need electrolytes. Warm up some water and add a tablet to drink like tea. Drink some before going to bed after that holiday party so you don’t wake up with a hangover <- I can vouch this works! Not to mention, you still sweat when its cold!



Our Anniversary Weekend <3

19 Nov


Friday, November 14th was Todd and I’s 4 year wedding anniversary. You don’t know how happy it made me that he was back home in time! Work travel has its perks (like getting MY travel paid for, too) but it most definitely has its drawbacks! Todd said he’d do everything in his power to be home this anniversary and he delivered :) We decided to take a mini weekend vacay to Orlando to celebrate. Not going to lie, I did a horrible job at getting pictures this weekend. It just wasn’t on the top of my mind but I did get a few.

Friday night we stayed home and had some delicious Trader Joe’s Lobster Ravioli as our main course. We were both really big fans! And then headed out for an ice cream date. A simple night spent together was the perfect thing after him being gone for 5 weeks.


Saturday, I ran and took my beloved Body Pump class (it’s scary how much I like it), before taking Riley over to my parents. They are so great and watch her whenever we’re out of town. They already know the same thing will be happening one day with a real child and not only our fur baby. Then we drove to Orlando, which is only an hour and a half-ish away. We checked into the hotel and figured out our evening plans.


A few years ago, we went to an Ethiopian restaurant in, of all places, Milwaukee, WI. We really enjoyed the experience and had been looking to go again. After Yelping a bunch of restaurants in the area, The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant caught my eye. It had great ratings and was just what we were looking for. In case you didn’t know, I love new food experiences, especially ones that are authentic or from different cultures. Examples: When I tried lamb brains. Hand made pastas. Squid on a stick.

Ethiopian Food

We got the Chef’s Sampler, which included red and yellow lentils, cabbage, collard greens, lettuce salad, a spicy and regular chicken, beef and beef tips. And of course injera! I love eating with my hands, so this was the perfect meal for me, haha. The injera bread is an almost sponge like tortilla that’s made from teff. It’s good when using it to eat other things, but not good in the sense that you’d eat a ton of it plain. Which is good for me, because I’ve been known to polish off any bread brought to the table, haha.

Todd and I 4 yrs

After dinner, we went to Universal CityWalk and grabbed some drinks at Emeril’s. We rarely go out for drinks, so when we do I like to get fun ones :) I got a Sour Candy Apple cocktail, a rum and coke and my fave, a Smashing Pumpkin Martini. Todd got a few beers he really enjoyed as well.


We got back to our room in time to watch some fireworks and call it a night. Sunday morning we slept in and went for our first run together since he got back. A good blogger would have gotten pictures, oh well. We got tickets for a complimentary continental breakfast and it was horrible. I would’ve been pissed if we paid $11/person for that crap.

Sunday night, we went over to my parents to pick up Riley and celebrate my sister’s birthday. For dinner we had grilled salmon with a yummy cucumber dill yogurt sauce, rice pilof and asparagus (again, no pic). And the star of the show…


A new cake! It’s a Toffee Crunch Cake, from Country Living, with a brown butter cake and chocolate frosting. It’s SO RICH! And that means a lot coming from me- seriously. There are layers of crunch that come from chopped up pecans and nilla waffers mixed with butter and then toffee bits on the outside. It’s sugar, butter overload. There’s a POUND of butter in the recipe. Oh man. It’s so good and so worth it though. I’m sure you’ll be seeing this in our repertoire of desserts.

So again, 4th Happy Anniversary to us <3 Here’s to many more <3

Wedding Thumbs Up

Happy Hump Day!

Todd. Is. Back. ALRIGHT!

13 Nov

I hope you read the title like the song, “Back Streets Back, Alright!” Sooooo, I’ve been keeping a little something from you guys… Todd’s been in Taiwan again for work for the past 5 weeks. While it’s much better than the THREE MONTHS he was there last year, it still sucked. This is why we “had” to do my birthday early and why he wasn’t there at Cristino’s for my birthday pizza. That was such a great family picture and it would have been complete with him (and Riley and Maddie (Kristin’s dog)) of course!

Todds Home

Speaking of Maddie… My mom came over Saturday to watch The Fault in Our Stars with me, as we both read the book, but never made it to the theater to see the movie, and she brought Maddie. Riley always loves a play date :) They were playing tug of war and Riley got lazy and just held onto the tarp (yes, she has a tarp as a toy, she’s our trash dog) and Maddie was pulling her around. It was hysterical.

Tug of War

Back to Todd <3 If you’ve done the math, you’ll realize that he was gone while I started my job at HIS company, haha. It’s kind of good, as I was able make my own way the first 3 weeks, but I was still known as Todd’s wife. Introductions at work went like this… “Hi, I’m Heather Winchell.” “OHH, Hi! You’re Todd’s wife right?!” Followed by, “When’s he  getting back?” I felt so bad for the guy who sits behind me. He must have heard the same questions a million times and know exactly when Todd was getting back and how he was doing over there.

While he was gone, there was a pumpkin decorating contest at work and I submitted one for his department. My mom came over and we used our creativity to figure out how to make a simulator.


I kept e-mailing Todd pictures to make sure it looked correct and get his opinion. While we didn’t win, everyone still loved it and I thought it came out pretty good!


He brought back some peanut butter (?) he bought in Taiwan. He made himself PB&J’s everyday with the hotel bread and jam packets, haha. Gotta love it.

TaiwanSkippy.jpgSince he’s been back, he’s taking vacation from work and just hanging out at home. I’m a little jealous, but he’s earned this down after working 60-70 hours weeks. I know Riley is loving it! He’s playing rough with her like daddy’s do and giving her lots of walks!

Ry Walk

Of course we had to get a froyo date in ASAP :)


Don’t mind the mop on my head… I had just showered and was letting it air dry. So happy you’re home Todd!!! MUAH!

Did you notice Todd was missing from HRF?


Random Ramblings

9 Nov

A few weeks ago, I got a mosquito bite ON MY HEAD right before I was getting in my car. Ugh. I react pretty bad to mosquito bites and they become large and red and itchy. JUST the way I wanted to show up to a high school football game. It was worse in person…

MosquitoBite.jpgIf you drive an expensive, luxury, new car, that doesn’t give you the right to park in two spots like a douchbag. Get over yourself.

Douchbag Car

The other day I ran in the morning and only had a few minutes to grab something to eat before heading to Body Pump. So I did what any normal person would and made some Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ravioli to eat on the drive there. Hear me out… there are 40 grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein in a serving. The perfect ratio of carbs/protein for after a run. And like I said before, it has an itty bitty sweetness and not an overwhelming savoriness that actually makes it perfect for breakfast :)

Car Pumpkin RavioliRiley is helping me quite my sugar free creamer addiction


And she’s be loving sunning outside. I’m just glad she’s choosing to lay on the concrete and not the grass. Much less dirt to clean up when she comes in.

Riley Sunning

I’ve been putting cocoa powder in my zoatmeal. Dot it.

Cocoa Zoatmeal

I’ve been using this mug for my coffee at home the last 5 weeks… I’ll tell ya why in my next post, but see if you can guess based on THIS post.

160th mug

I beat my time from last week and wasn’t even trying. I love running in cool weather. Shoot. I love running period :)


Give me a random from your week/weekend…

PS… I love the new fall PRO Compression sock of the month!

Save 40% when you enter coupon code NOV at checkout. Free shipping is available for your purchase over $20 (after discount), shipped to your US address.

WIAW: Halloween Edition

5 Nov

I’m linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons today for another What I Ate Wednesday!

6:00 AM- Wake up, let Ry out, drink water while doing my make up. This involves very little- eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush. Make oatmeal for work. Rub Riley’s belly.

6:45 AM- Protein smoothie: scoop of protein powder, ice, almond milk, spinach, stevia, pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice.

Morning shake

7:10 AM- Leave for work… dressed the part…

Halloween outfit

7:45 AM- Coffee coffee coffee. Check e-mails. Do my thang.

Halloween Coffee

9 AM- Halloween Cookie Pizza delivered to my desk. Chocolate chip cookie crust, melted Reese’s as the sauce and cut up candy as they toppings. SO. GOOD.

Halloween Pizza

10:30 AM- Zucchini Oatmeal. Or… Zoatmeal… Yummy in my tummy!


12-12:45 PM- Leave work for my “lunch break,” but actually use this time for errands.

1 PM- Thanks to afformentioned Halloween Candy Pizza, my breakfast was pushed back, so lunch was too. Trader Joe’s Personal Pizza Primavera with brussels as a side. The pizza was just OK. I wouldn’t get it again.


3:45 PM- Half of a HUGE Honeycrisp Apple and some nuts.

Apple n nuts

5 PM- Run 3 miles on the treadmill and one with Riley outside.

6 PM- Shower real quick, as to not miss any trick or treaters!

6:45 PM- Dinner was pan seared tilapia with okra/ peppers/ carrots and a side of (photo bombed) bulgar wheat.

Tilapia Okra Peppersbulgar wheat

7:30-8:30 PM- Nibble on Halloween candy :)

candy nibbles

Did you partake in candy eating on Halloween?


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