Month: February 2013

Follow up appointment

WORKOUT Rest/Weights I headed to the gym though to pump some iron and do some ab work 🙂 ****** Today I had a follow up appointment for my knee. I didn’t want to run and cause any inflammation that would/could skew X-Ray results if they decided to take any. I have definitely been able to tell the difference this week while off the ibuprofen 2 times a day regimen. I’m pretty sure that is a bad sign 🙁 Overall the appointment was a disappointment. He felt around my knee, pushed my knee cap all over and extended/bent my leg. No X-ray, which […]

Brace Yourself

WORKOUT Easy 6 miles @ 8:30 on Treadmill Today was a test and I think it went well. I felt my knee around 2.5 miles but it was less bothersome than normal and didn’t get progressively apparent as the miles increased. I did not take an ibuprofen this morning, so I’m happy it didn’t flare up more than normal, which is what I expected. ****** Remember how I got $26.20 of gas yesterday? I only filled up half way and, brace yourself, it was $3.85/gallon- ridiculous. This morning as I headed into Clearwater at 5AM to do some training I saw gas […]

More Calories, Yes Please.

WORKOUT Rest/Pilates & Weights Pilates was awesome as always. I had to make a few modifications because I’m trying not to put pressure on my knee. Mary Anne (the instructor) is great at helping me do this. I also did my “at home” weight routine to stay strong! The past week I was taking one Ibuprofen in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner, as suggested by my MIL. It might just be in my head, but I feel like my knee is more sore now that I’m not taking it. I’m going to continue running through […]

Really Mr.?

WORKOUT Easy 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill I felt my knee closer to 2 miles this time. No Bueno! This isn’t looking good people. I hope it was just because I hadn’t loosened up enough. Ya… that was probably it, right?! 🙁 ****** You guys know how much I like my froyo dates. On our Saturday date this week, I almost let loose on a guy. Todd and I are sitting there, enjoying each others company, when in walks a man and his two sons. They were excited to choose their own flavor and pick out toppings. What […]

GASPARILLA 1/2 Marathon

WORKOUT Easy 6 miles @ 8:35 on treadmill After watching my sister kill it this morning, I was excited to get in a run of my own. It went the same as usual and I felt my knee around 2 miles. I NEED those good vibes passed my way still, haha! ****** My alarm was set for 4:00AM. 3:30 came around and I was wide awake… as if I was running a race today or something. I ended up using my extra time this morning to prepare pancake batter for breakfast when I got home and an additional cup of coffee […]

Cigar City Brewery and a Surprise Visit

WORKOUT Rest/ Pilates DVD I woke up this morning just feeling like I needed to rest my knee today. It was feeling off. As much as I want to run, I know I need to pay close attention to what my body is telling me. Darn knee. I did whip out a pilates DVD that wasn’t too shabby. Still prefer going to the class though. ****** Last night was our friend Tom’s 30th Birthday! After dinner we headed over to Cigar City Brewery to celebrate with some local brews. I’m not really a beer drinker. I take that back, I’m […]

Fun Run Friday

WORKOUT 4 miles @ 8:00 w/ Marissa on trail Wow. This run was an eye opener. I had 6 miles planned since I was headed out to the trail, but ended up only doing 4 for a couple of reasons. 1- The heat and humidity knocked me on my a**. This is why it is important to run/train both inside and out. 2- While an 8:00 pace is by no means fast, I think it was a bit much for my first run outside considering the weather. It pains me to say that. 8:00 is usually my easy pace, lol. […]

V8 Confusion… or is it just me?

WORKOUT Easy 4 miles @ 8:35 on treadmill Same as yesterday. It’s not much fun to report (or read) about the same ole boring run. Sorry guys! I’ll mix it up tomorrow 😉 ****** The V8 commercial goes a little like this: Lady is eating a lettuce, veggie and meat salad. Guy is eating a taco meat salad in a tortilla bowl. Lady hits guy on head- Could’ve had a V8 Lady is eating a veggie and steak kabob. Guy is eating an all meat kabob. Lady hits guy on head- Could’ve had a V8 Guy says, “you can hit me […]

Back to Basics

WORKOUT Easy 4 miles @ 8:35 on Treadmill Let me tell you, it is getting harder and harder to stay at an “easy” pace during my runs. I REALLY wanted to bump the pace up, feel my stride lengthen and increase my turnover today. I know at this stage of the game that would be stupid, so I’m keeping it slow. I almost made it through 3 miles before I felt my knee. Progress. ****** Getting back into running has been like getting on a bike for the first time since I was a kid (not literally- I ride my […]

Green is Good!

WORKOUT Rest. Pilates at the YMCA. I’ve run 4 straight days since my healing hiatus and I thought today would be a good rest day. I got new hot pink capris for VDay AND my favorite Pilates class was today, so I figured it was the perfect time to rock them!  Class was packed and the instructor, Mary Anne, really killed our abs! I also did a lot of foam rolling. Ahh it hurts so good 🙂 Sorry for the crappy picture and don’t mind Riley’s Nilla Bone at my foot. ****** Green Smoothies are a staple in my diet. They […]

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