Perfectly Bad Timing

Timing: There is never a good time to get injured. No one wants to be sidelined from something the love doing… especially when the end goal has to be postponed or even worse, cancelled like mine (Tallahassee Marathon).

Perfect: I’ve been pondering the idea of starting a blog for a while, but wasn’t sure where to begin or what exactly I would write about- other than running of course. Todd suggested I use my new morning free time, usually taken up by running, to blog. My first thought, “How am I going to blog about running if I’m not even running!” OK, so maybe “perfectly” bad timing isn’t the right word, but “good” didn’t sound as catchy, haha. I figured, however, that I should try and be positive about running and created this bad boy, HeatherRunsFast- I promise I do… just not right now 🙁 My lack of running stories will give me a chance to let you get to know me and provide a background of sorts.

Bad: Want to know something else about poor timing? Here in FL it is the ONLY time of year that it is actually enjoyable to run outside. We get a good month or two worth of “perfect” running weather. After that it’s back to waking up at 5 to run in 80 degrees with 85% humidity. Now, temps are cold in the morning, 40’s (well, cold for this FL girl) and warm up to a sunny 75. I really wish I was able to take advantage of this short wonderful weather window!

Perfect: Instead, I am going to use this as an excuse to drink more Cafe Du Monde in the morning and walk Ry girl without breaking a sweat!



Bad: Yet another piece of bad timing- this one has no positive spin on it- is that the Boston Marathon is only 10 weeks away. Eeek!

While my intentions for Boston from the get go were to run it just for fun and enjoy the race for what it is, I am now worried that I won’t be able to enjoy it at all. We’ve already paid for everything and let me tell you, this is no cheap race, so I plan to run it no matter what. Don’t fret though, running on my knee won’t permanently damage anything but unless it magically gets back to 100%  soon, it will definitely set me back for a full recovery and not be the most comfortable race ever 🙁 Please keep your fingers crossed I get better ASAP!

Perfect: The Boston Marathon is a huge race! I brings so many elite runners to the line. Kara Goucher is pretty much my running Idol and I will be able to say I have raced with her 😉 There are too many other elites that I could add to this list, so I won’t bore you with them all, but I am also excited to race with Shalane… as her and Kara are like my sister and I… or is it the other way around 😉 more on this to come!


I guess bad timing can be good. Who knew?!

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    My heart just ached for you. Knee?! Seriously?!?! I’m so sorry 🙁 I love you! Ill send positive thoughts your way. Xxoo

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