This was not an easy list to create. Initially I thought this post would take 10 minutes, but oh no! It was a lot harder to narrow down things that I’m really addicted to versus just really like. When something popped in my head I’d ask myself, “Self, could you live without this?” And obviously I could live without everything on this list, but hey, what kind of boring life would that be?! So, here is goes:

  • RUNNING- duh!
Setting my 3:13:48 PR in the Shamrock Marathon!

Setting my 3:13:48 PR in the Shamrock Marathon!

  • Publix- I look forward to their new weekly ad every Thursday!


  • Target- or Targe, enough said
  • OATMEAL- I have a huge bowl (or 2) EVERY.DAY.
  • Frozen Yogurt- from either DLites Emporium or Tanya & Matt’s Froyo


  • Chapstick & Jergens lotion- for super supple skin 🙂

Whew! That was tough! Think I’ll follow that up with some obsessions…

  • Fresh baked bread- I have no words
  • Compression socks/sleeves- Pro Compression is my fave!
Rockin my Marathon Pink Argyle Pro Compression socks :)

Rockin my Marathon Pink Argyle Pro Compression socks 🙂


  • Coffee- preferably that of Cafe Du Monde
  • Cleaning my wedding ring everyday- lame? maybe, but I love the shine 😉
  • Nuun Hydration tablets- it’s this FL girls best hydration tool
  • Pumpkin- I love/eat it ALL times of the year, not just in the Fall people
  • Foam Roller- this bad boy works wonders, try it!
  • Green Smoothies- an extra dose of veggies you can’t taste
  • Busting out the Mic Hand- Mic Hand
  • Butternut/Zucchini/Summer/Kaboocha Squash- so delicious and nutritious
  • Kelly and Michael- yes, the TV show
  • Clean and Clear face wash, Oil of Olay Moisturizer, Dove ivory bar soap

OK. That is enough listing for one day. I could go on and on about things I love and like. Honestly, I could pretty much list any food, as there is no food I dislike… no, really. Ask anyone who knows me…. but that would get boring. Just wanted to fill you in on some of my favorite things!

Running out of gelato in Florence, Italy= NOT my favorite!