You know it’s bad when…

Your husband tells you to make an appointment to get your hair done! The condition of my hair hasn’t really been on my mind lately- shocker I know. I am notorious for letting that highlight line grow a little tooooo far. Exhibit A:



Not to beat a dead horse, but I was still sulking about my inability to run and could really care less about how my hair looked. And as sad as it is, I didn’t even know how often to wash my hair, haha. When you run and sweat everyday, you wash your hair everyday. I sweat like a man, so even an easy 6 miler would constitute a good cleaning. No lie, I asked a girl friend of mine if my hair looked super greasy and used her answer as a guide. Oh runner girl problems. Thankfully, my cousin Kim is an awesome hairstylist and was able to fit me in today. Exhibit B: (I felt like I was taking a myspace picture…)


I should have brushed my hair before I took this pic. Blonde again 🙂 She works at Signature Spa Salon & Boutique. It’s the cutest salon and is located on Harbour Island, one of the beautiful places in Tampa. I had packed a lunch and was planning on heading to the library to study up on a little endeavor I’ve got going on, but once I walked out into the sunshine, I decided to change up my plans. I drove around a bit a found an area with some shade and benches and set up shop there. I had my laptop and lunch box and was all set for a productive afternoon!


For some reason sitting with my leg extended feels a lot better than in a regular seated position, so that’s how I’ve been trying to sit lately 🙂 Keep the positive knee healing thoughts coming my way!