Sunday Long Runs

One would think that after 6 weeks of no running it would get easier not to run. NOPE. Every week, Sunday, the day I used to look forward to most, comes around and I get a little bummed. Most people don’t understand the “fun” of getting up early and heading out for a hard, long run. I genuinely enjoy the feeling of breathing hard, pushing my body and mind and reaping the benefits. Simply put, I crave that runner’s high, the endorphin rush. I LOVE our Sundays. Todd and I head out to the trail, knock out some killer miles and come home to our excited dogter. After a yummy breakfast of pancakes and turkey sausage, coffee for me, chocolate milk for Todd, we have a relaxing morning (almost afternoon at this point, haha) of stretching, foam rolling and doggie belly scratching. Eventually we take the Ry girl for a walk and give her her Sunday treat- a doggie ice cream.


Obviously Sundays haven’t change THAT much… I still wake up early with Todd, make him pancakes and walk Riley, but it’s just not the same. What IS the same is spending quality time with Todd <3 In preparation for a work softball league Todd joined, we went out and threw the ball around today. I never played softball as a kid and the size of the ball still shocks me every time. It’s so much bigger than a baseball, haha. I’ve always been the athletic type and love doing anything outdoors, so this was a fun afternoon outing! My catching skills impressed me 😉 And of course what Sunday would be complete without a froyo date?!


On a really random note, I went to the gym yesterday for a quick lifting session. When I want to get a good workout in quick, I do high weight, low reps with short rests in between. This gets and keeps my heart rate up, and I begin to sweat a bit. While in the free weight section, a guy next to me wearing a drenched sweatshirt said, “Having fun yet?” I replied, “Oh, ya, just trying to get a quick workout in. I don’t know how you work out in a sweatshirt.” The conversation went on that he was trying to drop weight, yadda yadda yadda. I told him (nicely) that he’s just going to go home and drink back all the “weight” (sweat) he just lost. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Trying to lose weight by sweating is not only unsafe, but doesn’t really constitute as weight loss. If you’ve ever run or watched a race, you’ve seen how they have water stations to help the participants stay hydrated. Hydration is important and shouldn’t be used as a weight loss tool. As I told me fellow weight lifter, once you go home and guzzle water because you are thirsty, you have now “gained back” all the weight you “lost.” Sorry for all of the quotations, but it is important to state that there is no actual loss. I’m beginning to sound redundant so I’ll skip to the humorous ending… he said he also wears a sweatshirt to absorb the sweat so it doesn’t get all over the equipment.  I told him I understand, that I sweat like a man, and he replied with, “Well, if you sweat like a man, then I sweat like 4.” I just thought it was funny. Worthless story? Maybe. But it made me laugh and I wanted to share my opinion/info on the sweat-loss subject.

I’m going to attempt a short ride on our stationary bike this evening so keep your fingers crossed for me and check back tomorrow for an update! Eeee! I’m excited, yet nervous about biking… what if it hurts? What if it sets me back? So many questions and no solid answers. Todd has given me the go ahead to do an easy 30 min or so. Not that he’s a doctor my any means, but it makes me feel better that he approves and thinks its a good idea too. Wish me luck!