Flexible is NOT my middle name

One would think that with all the running I do, I would be a lot more flexible. Truth is, I can barely touch my toes! (It’s hard to tell with the glare off my shoe, but I’m a good 5 inches away from touching the ground!)


I have a dynamic stretching routine that I do post run, followed by my favorite foam rolling. Tight muscles, ligaments and tendons are a recipe for disaster (AKA injury) and are probably playing a role in my slow recovery. I always say I need to work on my flexibility but my attempts are weak. I figured now is as good of a time as any so I hit up my local YMCA. I have been taking a Pilates class there regularly now for quite some time that I really love, however, it did not start out that way… When I take an exercise class, I want to leave drenched in sweat! Needless to say, 30min into my first Pilates class I was borderline cold and I almost walked out. After the class my thought was simply, “Ehh.” When I woke up the next day with super sore Abs, I was hooked! The class isn’t hard, but it is challenging and I can feel my effort the next day. I love the core workout I get, which is crucial to athletes of all kinds! I highly recommend finding a class near you.

I did venture out and try other low impact classes that involve more stretching, like Yoga and Body Flow (a combo of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi), but have not been able to get into those as much. I like the concept and all of the progressive stretching, but I’m not so much into to the become one with the ground, think of your toes as tree roots aspect of it. I realize that “zen, organic” stuff (for lack of a better word) is really popular but again, it’s just not my thing, so I’m finding it hard to stick with it. I know that a lot of the experience depends on the teacher, so I have taken a few classes by different people and have found some better than others. I always look forward to Pilates and want to feel the same way with Yoga eventually. I think my quads, hammies and glutes would also appreciate the Yoga love. My flexibility mission is in full swing!

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