My knee is leaking?!?


Easy 4 miles @ 8:35 on Treadmill

Everything felt the same as yesterday… not 100% but still not normal.


Last night Todd was talking to his mom and of course she asked how my knee was doing. The last time he talked to her I didn’t have the results from my X-Rays or MRI. As a side note, my MIL is an optometrist (so she obviously went to med school), is super smart and always helps when we need “medical advice ” I found my films and results and had Todd read them to his mom. I have no clue what I’m looking at, but the films are actually pretty cool!


The results mentioned effusion, which is also know as “water on the knee.” I saw 2 different doctors and neither one of them brought this up. This may be because my knee isn’t swollen and never showed signs of severe bruising, but still, don’t you think that would be worth at least mentioning? So my MIL said it’s pretty much like a “leak” in my knee and that I may not show signs of swelling because it could be teeny tiny and barely “leaking.” She said that, while a contusion on my knee (also from the results) could take a long time to heal, the type of discomfort I’m feeling coupled with how long I’ve been resting it, seems more in line with the effusion. SO, doctors orders are to take an anti-inflammatory twice a day, ice after running and apply heat occasionally throughout the day. Heat you ask? Apparently it helps open the blood vessels and increases tissue elasticity so it soothes the joint/surrounding areas. Of course, my MIL hasn’t had a chance to see my films and she isn’t diagnosing me, just giving me her advice… which I am taking 🙂 I’ll try this “prescription” for a week and re-evaluate then.

Todd did his long run today to accommodate his new Monday night softball schedule, so we had a little impromptu DLites/Subway date. I love froyo WAY more than he does, so sometimes as we head toward the froyo place of choice, we stop somewhere and pick him up a sub or burrito. Today we went to DLites and stopped by Subway for a $5 Febru-Any. SOMEbody couldn’t wait until I got outside to start eating his sammie! I don’t blame him though, it was getting a little late in the day.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We had a cold front come through and it is chilly and windy here!

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