Green is Good!


Rest. Pilates at the YMCA.

I’ve run 4 straight days since my healing hiatus and I thought today would be a good rest day. I got new hot pink capris for VDay AND my favorite Pilates class was today, so I figured it was the perfect time to rock them!  Class was packed and the instructor, Mary Anne, really killed our abs! I also did a lot of foam rolling. Ahh it hurts so good 🙂


Sorry for the crappy picture and don’t mind Riley’s Nilla Bone at my foot.


Green Smoothies are a staple in my diet. They are an easy/portable way to get in protein, carbs and veggies in one delicious meal/snack. Just like the crockpot, I ask you to PLEASE give these a try!  Greek yogurt, small a frozen banana, large handful of spinach, ice, dash of Stevia, enough water to blend…Now THIS is a green smoothie:

IMAG0242Here are a couple of tricks I’ve learned for making smoothies:

  • Base: I like to use Greek yogurt, protein powder, cottage cheese (makes it SO creamy!), or pasteurized egg whites (surprisingly frothy)
  • Liquid: water, skim milk, almond milk, juice, coffee
  • Add Ins: Frozen fruit, Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa Powder, instant coffee powder, extracts (vanilla, almond, coconut, mint)
    • Using frozen fruit adds not only sweetness, but a great texture from being frozen
    • When freezing bananas make sure you peel them first!!!
    • The dark cocoa powder adds a lot of chocolatyness for minimal calories and a dose of antioxidants
    • I like using extracts to make unique flavor combos. Coconut is great in a pineapple and banana smoothie or mixed with chocolate and caramel syrup to make a Samoa cookie like shake!
    • Match add ins with the base. Fruity things go with anything, but chocolaty/coffee/mint type flavors taste better with cottage cheese or egg whites (in my opinion)
  • Spinach: I ALWAYS add spinach in a smoothie. It is a no-brainer way to incorporate a serving of veggies.
    • Use baby spinach! I’ve used regular spinach and of course that works fine, but the baby type is more tender and I feel has a better texture when blended
  • Ice: Depends on how much frozen fruit or how icy you like your smoothie. I usually add 6 or so pieces.
  • Thickeners: I don’t always use them, but adding Guar Gum or Xanthum gum can make it extra creamy and thick.
    • These are best used in combination, but if you only choose one, go with Xanthum  gum (1/4 tsp)
    • They can have GI side affects in some people- just FYI. If you drink plenty of water you should be fine though.
  • Blender: I love love love my Ninja Pulse (bought at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon!) This bad boy crushes ice like its nothing! I’ve also heard rave reviews about the Vitamix, but they are darn expensive!!! Maybe one day 🙂 Others, such as the Bullet, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, etc, are good but don’t seem to blend the ice as well.

I had a dentist appointment today. It was just my semi annual checkup, nothing special. Just thought I would let you know that I really like going to the dentist and think more people should take care of their mouths. It’s not that hard to floss and gargle before bed… just sayin.

The article on my laptop in the background is about the elites competing in the Rock N Roll Arizona races Feb. 24th. on I love reading about running 🙂


Another awesome article I read was THIS ONE about Kara Goucher’s daily training/life. She is such an inspiration to me… as seen in the pic below:


In the article she talks about how every day is pretty much the same but that she doesn’t mind it and actually enjoys the routine. I am the same way. I like having a set routine. I’m big on planning and making lists. Type-A personality… Oh ya! Anywho, I totally wish her daily schedule was mine 🙂 Ohhhh the life of an elite runner, hehe. Happy reading my friends!