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Easy 4 miles @ 8:35 on Treadmill

Let me tell you, it is getting harder and harder to stay at an “easy” pace during my runs. I REALLY wanted to bump the pace up, feel my stride lengthen and increase my turnover today. I know at this stage of the game that would be stupid, so I’m keeping it slow. I almost made it through 3 miles before I felt my knee. Progress.


Getting back into running has been like getting on a bike for the first time since I was a kid (not literally- I ride my bike all the time.) There a few things I needed reminded of, but once I remembered, I was good to go. During my run today, I noticed my form was a little off.  I’ve been super aware of any overcompensation on my right leg due to my left knee injury, but everything else form wise, has fallen by the way side. My arms were high and my shoulders were tense. I worked on keeping my arms low, closer to hip height, to help keep me loose and avoid tensing up. Getting into a breathing rhythm was easy. For some (i.e. my husband) this is a reoccurring problem. Your muscles need oxygen to work and if you’re huffing and puffing, they aren’t getting enough to work properly. If this happens to you, try counting 3 breaths in, 3 breaths out until you find the rhythm that works for you.

People often ask me how I can enjoy running on a treadmill so much. Well my friends, let me introduce you to Le Gym de Winchell 🙂 Since we don’t have any kids yet, we have turned one of our extra bed rooms into a workout room. I must say, in the treadmill department, I am quite spoiled. Thanks, Todd! Here’s the layout…

 Looking from the doorway you see this: stationary bike w/fan aimed at treadmill, TV, mirror (to watch my legs work- vain? maybe, but it’s a motivator), used towel- nice Heather

IMAG0275From behind the treadmill: portable AC in closet because obviously it gets super hot when doing any kind of speed work or distance

IMAG0271From standing right in front of the AC: weight bench, huge mirror- again to watch myself work out 🙂 Behind the door is a dry erase board that we have short and long term running goals, as we’ll as our current PR’s- also a huge motivator!


Now, even with all of these great accommodations I still prefer to run outside. But when the weather is just too darn hot/humid, stormy to the point of unsafe or I just have to run super early, I’ll take our treadmill ANY day. One thing that I feel helped both Todd and I last training cycle was doing easy/recovery runs on the treadmill. This gave our muscles and joints a break from pounding the pavement while still getting a run in. We were able to keep our mileage high (for me, 60-70 mpw) with no injuries… until I banged my knee on our stupid coffee table. Ugh, I still can’t get over it, haha. If you have a hard time with high mileage, give this a shot 🙂

PS You know you get froyo too much when the girl who works there puts one of your favorite flavors on the menu and makes sure you can make it in that day… that flavor is Pumpkin Custard and TODAY was that day! Someone (this girl) couldn’t wait to have some before the pic! Pumpkin Custard, Chocolate Mocha and Peanut Butter= Yummo!


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