V8 Confusion… or is it just me?


Easy 4 miles @ 8:35 on treadmill

Same as yesterday. It’s not much fun to report (or read) about the same ole boring run. Sorry guys! I’ll mix it up tomorrow 😉


The V8 commercial goes a little like this:

Lady is eating a lettuce, veggie and meat salad. Guy is eating a taco meat salad in a tortilla bowl. Lady hits guy on head- Could’ve had a V8

Lady is eating a veggie and steak kabob. Guy is eating an all meat kabob. Lady hits guy on head- Could’ve had a V8

Guy says, “you can hit me all you want, I don’t like V8 Juice.”

Then it goes on to describe how you can get a days worth of fruits and veggies from one 8oz glass, and only taste the fruit. The part I don’t get is why the lady hits the guy? Shouldn’t the guy be hitting the lady? Hear me out… why eat a lettuce based salad when you could have a taco meat salad and just drink some V8? Why eat veggies on your kabob when you could have all meat and just drink V8? OK. OK. I know this is taking it to the extreme and the commercial isn’t telling you to not eat veggies (well, kind of) but when I first saw the commercial, those were my exact thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have people actually eat their veggies, but if this is what it takes for people to get in their servings of vegetables for the day, then more power to them. It’s better than nothing I guess.

On that note, there are so many healthier ways to incorporate vegetables in your diet than a processed, sugary, caloric juice mix. Of course there is my obvious favorite choice, the green smoothie. Or in this case, the brown/green smoothie= cottage cheese, special dark cocoa powder, instant espresso, stevia, almond milk, ice and SPINACH!

IMAG0278(Please don’t judge all the leaves in the backyard. I actually like to rake, but am waiting for it to be warmer and sunny so I can RTW- Rake.Tan.Workout. It’s the perfect way to get chores done, work on my FL glow, get an upper body workout and entertain Riley as she jumps in the piles. In this pic she is hunting for lizards. Look at her tongue, haha.)

OK, back on the veggie topic… Sometimes you just have to get a little creative when adding veggies to a meal. Think of meals you love and add veggies that you like. The first one that comes to mind is lasagna. You can add layers of zucchini or squash or mix cooked spinach or mushrooms in with the sauce. Grabbing a sub for lunch? Lettuce and tomatoes are staples, but try adding onions, cucumbers, green peppers, etc. They’ll add crunch AND nutrition. This works well in pitas, wraps, burritos, quesadillas, and so on. Another one of my favorite ways to eat them is grilled! Grilling gives everything a unique, yummy flavor. If you want more specific ideas or recipes just let me know and I’ll be happy to share!


My favorite grocery store, Publix, is starting a new coupon program- Digital Coupons! All you have to do is go online and register with some basic info. Then the next time you check out, you give them your phone number and the computer will automatically check your receipt for any coupons they are offering and you’ll save instantly! How great is that? I love saving money!

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