Fun Run Friday


4 miles @ 8:00 w/ Marissa on trail

Wow. This run was an eye opener. I had 6 miles planned since I was headed out to the trail, but ended up only doing 4 for a couple of reasons. 1- The heat and humidity knocked me on my a**. This is why it is important to run/train both inside and out. 2- While an 8:00 pace is by no means fast, I think it was a bit much for my first run outside considering the weather. It pains me to say that. 8:00 is usually my easy pace, lol. 3- TMI warning… I had to stop dead in my tracks at 3.5m to keep from crapping my pants. Ask Marissa, I literally stopped and said, “Go ahead, this isn’t just going to pass, haha.” I clenched my cheeks and made it back to the car for a total of 4 interesting miles! I probably could have finished out the last 2m if I didn’t have to use the facilities.


Other than my potty issue, this morning started off GREAT! I met up with my rockstar running friend, Marissa, for my first run outside since my knee episode. It was marvelous 🙂 There is nothing like hitting the trail with a friend. Miles just fly by as you keep each other company. Marissa doesn’t live here, so we try and meet up for a run whenever she’s in town and I ALWAYS look forward to it. We chat and catch up the entire run. She only had a few miles to log as she is running in the Gasparilla 15k tomorrow, so it worked out perfect. She is so awesome that they asked her to run in the 15k AND paid for her entry- baller!


Today is the official start of The Gasparilla Distance Classic! It kicks off with a huge expo today and tomorrow, followed by races both Saturday and Sunday.


The Gasparilla Distance Classic is a big deal around here. They put on a great race that draws over 20,000 runners participating in the 5k, 8k, 15k, or half marathon. I love that we have a whole race weekend right here in our backyard! It’s great that there is a distance for everyone. This was my first ever half marathon! I ran it back in 2008 with a finishing time of 1:51:23. It was a special race because my parents came out and surprised me on the course! (That’s my mom handing me sunglasses and check out that huge Garmin on my arm in the second pic!)

gaspy1gaspy 2

Gasparilla was also my sister’s first half last year and she is making a return this year to set a PR! I can’t wait! Ryan Hall ran the 15k in 2009, finishing in 43:56!

ryan hall

Everything about a race weekend gets me excited! Even when I’m not racing, haha. There is something about the atmosphere that draws me in. Not sure if it is a good thing, but Gasparilla is getting me pumped for Boston!!! I just want to get out there and give it my all, push my limits, and TRAIN for a race. Unfortunately, that won’t be on the agenda for a while and I’m still having a hard time coming to terms with that. When I hurt my knee I was at the peak of marathon training for the Tallahassee Marathon. Now that I am back running, err, jogging, my body/brain/heart want to pick up where I left off. Not so fast there, Heather (no pun intended, but true, haha.) Baby steps. Baby steps. For now, I will live vicariously through my sister and Marissa this weekend! Good Luck to anyone racing anywhere this weekend!

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  1. Aw I always look forward to our runs too!! The ‘feeling’ hit me about a mile from the park at Peterson today. I defiantly was having to stop to take a few deep breaths in order to make it to the bathrooms!! Lol don’t be discouraged by today’s run… You will get back into it in no time!!! The heat and humidity was killer!

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