Cigar City Brewery and a Surprise Visit


Rest/ Pilates DVD

I woke up this morning just feeling like I needed to rest my knee today. It was feeling off. As much as I want to run, I know I need to pay close attention to what my body is telling me. Darn knee. I did whip out a pilates DVD that wasn’t too shabby. Still prefer going to the class though.



Last night was our friend Tom’s 30th Birthday! After dinner we headed over to Cigar City Brewery to celebrate with some local brews. I’m not really a beer drinker. I take that back, I’m NOT a beer drinker, so I played the role of DD. Nine times out of ten, Todd assumes this role and this was the perfect opportunity to pay him back 🙂 This place is has grown in size and has a great assortment of craft beers for around $5- what a deal! They actually have quite a few options that even this non-beer drinker can enjoy, but I just stuck with sampling since I was driving. I’m weird about drinking and driving. I typically won’t drink anything if I know I’m driving. Could I have one drink and be fine? I’m sure, but I don’t want to risk it. I know this is a bit extreme, but I don’t care, haha. Todd got this one beer that was really sour, but in a good way. I think he said it was Kumquat. It was really weird and I’m surprised he drank it all. I especially liked the cider one he got 🙂


See those cupcakes? Tom’s wife, Laura, is a fantastic baker and made chocolate stout cupcakes with chocolate whiskey frosting! I’ll tell you what, I could have gotten tipsy from that frosting if I had eaten more than one, haha. On a totally random note, there was a lady there who was clearly looking for attention, as her shirt was so low a nip slip was almost guaranteed. Of course every guy in the place was glancing her way (so were the girls, it’s hard not to stare at stupidity) and she was soaking it up. It’s sad and ironic because most people were talking about her attire- or lack there of- negatively, and I’m sure she thought they were saying she was hott. Kind of makes you feel bad for her. Kind of. But not really. It was a great night with good beer, great friends and yummy cupcakes! Want some real hottness? Check out these ladies…


We were supposed to meet up with the MIL today, but she was called into work 🙁 It turned out OK though, because guess who came over to surprise us? My niece/God Daughter Addalie!


She is growing up way too fast! I swear her hair always looks better than mine. Seriously. She is SUPER smart and talkative. Riley just eats her up- not literally of course. Addy likes to try and ride Riley, it’s hilarious. They run circle around the house the entire time then both pass out from exhaustion when the day is over. It’s great for both Alaina (SIL) and us! It was the perfect afternoon 🙂

I am super duper happy to wake up tomorrow at 4 AM to drive my sister to her race. And no, that isn’t sarcasm. My overnight oats are made, coffee will be set to auto-brew and apple is ready to go. I am so excited for her!

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