GASPARILLA 1/2 Marathon


Easy 6 miles @ 8:35 on treadmill

After watching my sister kill it this morning, I was excited to get in a run of my own. It went the same as usual and I felt my knee around 2 miles. I NEED those good vibes passed my way still, haha!


My alarm was set for 4:00AM. 3:30 came around and I was wide awake… as if I was running a race today or something. I ended up using my extra time this morning to prepare pancake batter for breakfast when I got home and an additional cup of coffee 🙂 I headed out right on time to meet up with my mom and sister. Side note- I am very ritualistic when it comes to running and races and I usually listen to the same song before my hard runs during my drive to the trail. While I was waiting for my mom and sis I blasted my song, rockin out with myself in the car. Please don’t lose all respect for me when I tell you that I kind of shed a few tears because I’m not able to race right now. Obviously I miss just running (4-6miles is great, however, this girl likes her distance) but I miss racing even more. OK. Enough of the pity party. I dried those tears and forgot that selfish spell happened. Today was about Kristin!


Rich even joined the early morning party! What a great boyfriend 🙂


After chowing down on our oatmeal and some thin mints my mom surprised me with, we headed out to catch Kristin on the course… which was an epic fail. She was supposed to be in the first wave of runners, but got caught in the second wave. At the finish she said her first mile was a 10 min pace- NOT what she had planned. We obviously didn’t know this at the time, so when we didn’t see her anywhere near her pace group we figured we missed her and headed toward the finish to watch her come in. Little did we know, we actually could have seen her had we waited 10 more minutes or so. Bummer. Look who I DID find on the course though…


My long lost friend Katie and her handsome little boy Caleb! She lives in GA and just happened to be in town the same time as the race. Our friends Erica and Anna were running in a race Challenge this weekend (multiple races over 2 days) and she came out to surprise and support them! What an awesome friend 🙂 Unfortunately,  neither one of us found them at the finish of the half, but Katie DID find them after their second race of the day, yay!

Because of the whole “wrong wave thing” we were very worried when again, we didn’t see Kristin running anywhere near her finish time. But alas, there she was.


I didn’t get a good action shot, but of course we got plenty of pictures after Kristin crossed the line with a HUGE PR! Over 15 minutes! She didn’t quite meet her goal, but considering the weather (71 degrees at the start, 91% humidity) and the wave situation I think she nailed it! It’s amazing what a little speed work and training can do. Not to say she didn’t work her butt off. You have to run fast to get faster though, haha. I am SO proud of her.

IMAG0308I mentioned that she didn’t meet her goal, but PRed. Any runner with a goal can understand. I can certainly relate. When you know your capable of hitting a time and don’t, it still stings, regardless of factors our of your control (weather/corrals). I guess it’s the nature of the beast when it comes to road racing. And like her crazy sister, she is already looking at her next race to PR… the weather will be perfect this coming up weekend 😉 Her idea! Not mine! I love you Kris!