Really Mr.?


Easy 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill

I felt my knee closer to 2 miles this time. No Bueno! This isn’t looking good people. I hope it was just because I hadn’t loosened up enough. Ya… that was probably it, right?! ūüôĀ


You guys know how much I like my froyo dates. On our Saturday date this week, I almost let loose on a guy. Todd and I are sitting there, enjoying each others company, when in walks a man and his two sons. They were excited to choose their own flavor and pick out toppings. What a fun Saturday¬†outing¬†with the boys! That will totally be me and my kids one day. Until then, it was just Todd, me and my large froyo cup having a nice little Saturday Date ūüôā


Then, the unimaginable happened… Dad whips out his iPad and starts a TV show for the boys while he browses through his phone. What?! Are you JOKING ME?! I wanted to punch that guy in the face. Can you not take 30 minutes of your day to spend some quality time with your kids and, I dunno, maybe talk to them?! What.A.Freakin.Concept. I love technology and all, but I think it’s important to appreciate the time we have we each other and just talk, face to face. And no, I don’t mean “Face Time” on your computer. I love getting an actual call from someone, or even a card for that matter. I know that sounds lame and cheesy, but I’m kind of old fashioned like that. I just couldn’t get over how excited those boys were to be out with¬†their¬†dad getting ice cream (they called him dad, I’m not just assuming) but were¬†practically¬†pushed aside to be entertained by technology. Todd and I relocated outside to finish up our froyo. I think Todd was worried I was going to ACTUALLY call him out, haha. And if the kids weren’t there, I¬†probably¬†would have. Please make sure to spend time with the ones you love. Human interaction is really quite fun!

Just in case you need proof of my corniness, here you go…


Most people are not big laundry fans. The washing part isn’t bad, it’s the folding that sucks! I know I’ll regret this statement soon BUT, I am happy to be doing more laundry lately. Want to know why? It means my laundry basket is filling up faster. Which means I am running again ūüôā It’s amazing how much faster my pile grows now that I’m back at it. I would do the dreaded chore every day if it means I get to run. It’s really just the sports bra folding that kills me. Am I the only one who folds her sports bras?


I use Tide Plus Febreze Sport and absolutely love it. It is made especially for sports¬†apparel- perfect!¬†Between Todd and I, we have a lot of sweaty, stinky running clothes and this stuff works great getting the odors out. Here’s to doing laundry!

Would you have said something to the dad?

What laundry detergent works best on your stinky clothes?

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  1. Ugh I hate that!! No joke, we were just talking about that at dinner Saturday night. We were at Ballyhoo and a family of three (mom, dad, and young son) sat at a table next to us. The mom was immediatly on her phone, the son took out his gameboy (or whatever kids play with these days) and the dad just sat there in silence. So rude!

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