More Calories, Yes Please.


Rest/Pilates & Weights

Pilates was awesome as always. I had to make a few modifications because I’m trying not to put pressure on my knee. Mary Anne (the instructor) is great at helping me do this. I also did my “at home” weight routine to stay strong!

The past week I was taking one Ibuprofen in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner, as suggested by my MIL. It might just be in my head, but I feel like my knee is more sore now that I’m not taking it. I’m going to continue running through this week and re-evaluate my “running plan” come Sunday.


With my increase in mileage as of late, I’ll be it a small increase, I am making sure to pay more attention to my food. Before I hurt my knee, I was running, on average, 60 miles a week. This means I was eating A LOT of food. You can’t put in hard, quality miles if your body is weak. I think a lot of people who run don’t take nutrition as seriously as they should. They either a) run a lot and barley eat to “lose weight” or b) eat whatever they want because they run- regardless of quality… but that’s for another post 🙂

Well, after hurting my knee– taking me to zero miles a week- I had to cut back on the grub. This was EXTREMELY hard, as I really love food. All food. There is literally not a food I do not enjoy. Every veggie, meat, seafood (raw or cooked), grain/pasta, herb. Sometimes I wish there was something I didn’t like, as weird as that sounds. I’m the type that likes to eat throughout the day, and has no problem eating right after I run, so this made taking in a lot of calories pretty easy. I never got that “overly bloated” feeling from eating too much a one time. I guess that’s a blessing and a curse, haha. But eating half as much as you are used to is really hard! Only one cup of rice with lunch/dinner? No extra PB&J’s for a snack? Who only eats 2 pancakes?

It’s important to note that not only was I not running, I was doing no physical activity what-so-ever. Resting my knee completely. Not even walking this little girl!


Now that I’m running 4-6 miles everyday or so, I am excited to add back some of the snacks and extras I had gotten so used to. Obviously I’m not scarfing down everything in site, but getting back to a normal (at least my normal) eating routine has made me a happy camper. Adding a few hundred calories a day might not seem like much, but after cutting back so drastically, practically overnight, the additional calories are MORE than welcome 🙂 I’ve probably gained a few pounds not running the past 2 months, but that’s OK.  Training weight and PR worthy race weight should be different. Let’s just hope my knee plays along and continues to cooperate so I can keep increasing those calories and be ready for Boston 2013!

Tuesday Tangent: I saw this shirt at TJ Maxx today and WISH it wasn’t in the Men’s Section… I did check to see if it was in the Boys Section. What? I’d totally wear a boys L/XL shirt!

IMAG0312Another Tuesday Tangent: If we lived pretty much anywhere outside of the US, today would be 26/2/2013. That’s 26.2 people 🙂 I also filled my gas tank up with $26.20 worth of gas. Yes, I’m that obsessed.

Has anyone else struggled with finding a food balance while injured?

What is your favorite “shirt saying”?

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