Brace Yourself


Easy 6 miles @ 8:30 on Treadmill

Today was a test and I think it went well. I felt my knee around 2.5 miles but it was less bothersome than normal and didn’t get progressively apparent as the miles increased. I did not take an ibuprofen this morning, so I’m happy it didn’t flare up more than normal, which is what I expected.


Remember how I got $26.20 of gas yesterday? I only filled up half way and, brace yourself, it was $3.85/gallon- ridiculous. This morning as I headed into Clearwater at 5AM to do some training I saw gas for $3.67! Nice. I’ll be stopping there on my way home to fill up. Then I approached a RaceTrac with $3.62/gal. I pulled in right then and there! I love a good deal 🙂 It’s crazy how much of a price difference there is in a 30 minute drive.

It’s a good thing I filled up… on the drive home there was an accident and I was sitting in traffic for forever! I braced myself for the long haul by busting out my emergency stash of cocoa almonds and switching my radio from morning talk to T. Swift. Annoyed and restless (I was on my way home to run for goodness sake) I received a text from my twinster friend Melissa asking if I wanted to have an impromptu DLites date today. Well, duh! I was instantly in a better mood. Wednesdays are buy 2 get 1 free on take homes so I brought my cooler on our date (I’m classy like that) and loaded up. Last week they had Pumpkin Custard and my fingers were crossed they still had take homes left. They indeed had 2 32oz. containers (of which I took) and for my “free” one got 2 16oz Bavarian Cheesecakes- my 2nd fave.  Too many pictures of froyo lately, but that’s not stopping me, haha.

IMAG0324I braced myself for outrageous gas prices and I braced myself for a long drive over the Courtney Campbell Bridge. Well my friends, I also braced myself, literally!

IMAG0323After talking with a friend in pilates yesterday and Melissa today (both of whom have had knee injuries), I decided to whip out Todd’s old knee brace and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. As I mentioned in my workout recap, the “feeling” in my knee did surface, but didn’t get any stronger the farther I ran. This could be the placebo effect. Hopefully not. The only problem I see with wearing this little guy during Boston would be chaffing/blisters. Look at the marks it left on my knee after only 6 miles…


OK. So it doesn’t look THAT bad, but it wasn’t that comfortable toward the end. Maybe I’ll try Body Gliding it next time. Since I love to celebrate the little victories in life, we had a delicious grilled steak with green beans and sweet potato for dinner. Yummo!


What are gas prices like in your neck of the woods?

Any good recommendations for knee braces?

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