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I headed to the gym though to pump some iron and do some ab work 🙂


Today I had a follow up appointment for my knee. I didn’t want to run and cause any inflammation that would/could skew X-Ray results if they decided to take any. I have definitely been able to tell the difference this week while off the ibuprofen 2 times a day regimen. I’m pretty sure that is a bad sign 🙁 Overall the appointment was a disappointment. He felt around my knee, pushed my knee cap all over and extended/bent my leg. No X-ray, which I was annoyed with. The doc told me that “not much has changed”… NO SH*T! I could have told you that. He said that as long as there is no pain, I am not hurting it, it will just take longer to heal- the same thing he said a month ago. He suggested a higher dosage ibuprofen regimen, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. He also suggested a cortisone shot. Not sure how I feel about that either. Has anyone had one or know someone who has that could pass along any info? I told him I’d have to REALLY think about it and do my research. I also want to look into topical ointments.

I am soooo glad I spent $35 to wait in a cold doctors office for an hour to be told what I already know! What a great use of my time and money. On the flip side, today is the last day of February and I forgot to get my free Godiva chocolate of the month! So for $0 and a 2 minute walk through the mall, I got myself the most delicious Red Velvet Truffle.

redvelvet I am hoping for a nice little 6 miler tomorrow and then a possible long-ish run Saturday.

What is your worst doctors appointment story?

Do you have a favorite chocolate brand/store you indulge in/at?

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