Sunday Recap


Rest/ Weights & Abs @ Gym

I took a rest day just to make sure I’m not pushing my knee to it’s limits. Knocked out a quick upper body weight sesh followed by some core work.


Not to brag, but my Sunday was the bomb! I woke up and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee and pumpkin oatmeal before heading out for my first “long run” in a long time. I had my Strawberry Lemonade Nuun set out and Garmin 205 charging. Poor thing hadn’t been used in a while.

IMAG0335It was rather cold for this FL girl- 50 degrees, cloudy and windy. Nothing as cold as our run through Montreal in December though! BUrrr!


I sported the Orange Marathon Socks PRO Compression sent me 🙂 They did double duty- creating warmth and blood flow. LOVE. Todd dropped me off at the trail and took a few pics before heading over to my parents to help my dad hang a large mirror. And off I went!

orange proMy plan was to just run. Don’t worry about pace, other than to keep it slow. HA. Trying running slow when its cold outside. It’s instinct to run fast to warm up, right? So I check my watch at 2.5m and I’m at a 8:06 pace. “Slow it down Heather! You should be closer to 8:30.” There weren’t a lot of people on the trail at the beginning of my run, but around 4 miles (the most popular part of the trail) there were a good amount. In typical Heather Fashion I sped up to catch each group/individual. I already needed to slow down and now I was picking the pace up. No Bueno. At my turn around point I checked my pace and I was at 7:56. Oh boy. I slowed it way down and finished with an 8:00 average pace. I’ll take it. Todd surprised me on the trail and got a great picture of me coming in…

IMAG0351At home, I had a nice stretch session and did some foam rolling. Since it was so cold out, I decided to use my Strawberry Lemonade Nuun like tea and dissolved it in a mug of hot water. Todd and I enjoyed brunch together before heading over to my SIL, Alaina’s house. She had this delish homemade, lets call it, Apple Cider, waiting for us!

IMAG0352After my MIL arrived we chowed down on the Red Velvet cake she brought and had some play time with Addie.


She loved trying to walk in Todd’s shoes and riding her power wheels around the house. That pink thing around her neck was the headband she was wearing. It turned into more of a neck warmer, haha.


My knee felt OK today. Maybe a little sore, but I decided I’m only going to take Ibuprofen on days I run. I have mixed feelings about taking any kind of meds so this is my compromise. If you want to call it that. Happy Monday, All!

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Did you do a long run this weekend?

How often do you get to hangout with your family?

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