Non-Clothing Running Essentials


Easy 6 miles @ 8:30 on treadmill/ Pilates

Still felt my knee a bit around mile 3, but it wasn’t as prominent as it has been in the past. We used a ball in Pilates today and I LOVE the extra challenge it creates! Gotta keep my core strong. Mary Anne (instructor) also incorporated a lot of hamstring stretching, which I always appreciate.


Here are some of my favorite running must haves, other than clothing…

Garmin I use the Forerunner 205 and Todd (along with pretty much everyone else I know) uses the Forerunner 405. I’ll keep mine until it bites the dust or am given a free new one, haha! They can be a bit pricey, but well worth it. It has gotten me through tempo runs, intervals, repeats, you name it, with perfect pace accuracy. I like that you can customize the screen with the info you want. Sometimes I look at actual pace/average pace/time, other times I’ll just look at average pace/distance. After a run you can view your workout results including time, distance, calories burned, etc. Garmin Rocks.


Body Glide Have you ever gotten into the shower after a long or super sweaty run and yelped because the water stings on your newly chaffed skin? It’s the worst! I made this rookie mistake on my last “long run.” I didn’t even think about lathering up before heading out, especially with the cold weather, but my friends, I wish I had. Under the band of my sports bra did me in! Body Glide comes in a deodorant looking tube, so it is easy to apply.


It helps SO much with chaffing anywhere and everywhere. I use it under my arms where a tank top could rub wrong, definitely under my sports bra (TMI Warning… actually using it under your tatas, not just the bra line, is a must), and sometimes on my heels or bottoms of my feet to prevent blisters. Prevention is key 🙂

Nuun I’ve mentioned my love for Nuun multiple times and I’ll say it again, I LOVE this stuff! They have 3 different options- Active, All Day, U Natural- so there is something for everyone at any time.


They are a tasty way to stay hydrated throughout the day. The electrolytes in the Active line are great for both pre- and post workouts. They also work well to help prevent hangovers… so I’ve been told 😉 The All Day line is a great switch up to other caffeinated/ sugary beverages. I’ve even mixed half a tablet with my plain greek yogurt to give it some flavor flave! I can’t wait to try their new Cherry Limeade, Watermelon and Lemonade flavors!!!!

Sunscreen- This is an important essential that most runners forget about, or simply neglect to use. Skin cancer and other skin problems can arise with all the time we runners spend outside. Who wants nasty wrinkly skin anyways? A common misconception is that it’s overcast/cloudy, so I don’t need sunscreen. WRONG! You can still burn through the clouds. Apply it people! I really like the spray on “waterproof” types. They are MUCH less messy than lotion and take seconds to dry. Currently I’m using Coppertone Sport brand, SPF 50. If I want to “tan” I’ll go to the beach and use a lower SPF. Running is not the time to go bare. Hehe- I crack myself up.

Sunglasses- Another important sun protector. The sun can do a number on your eyes as well! Not to mention, no one likes to be (sing instead of read) blinded by the lie-e-ight! Or have crap blown in their eyes! I’ve used a few different brands and usually just get them at race expos since I haven’t found anything I’m in love with yet.


Visor- Not to beat a dead horse, but again, this is a great protector from the sun. Your faces’ skin is so sensitive, the more sun exposure, the worse the effect. Think wrinkles, sun spots, wrinkles, leathery skin, wrinkles, haha. I flip flop between the Women’s Nike and Asics visors. I like the gender specific ones because the bill is shorter. I also like wearing a visor because it helps keep my fly away hairs and sweat out of my face. Triple weapon.

Phiten Not sure if this counts as clothing or not, or even an essential for that matter, but I always wear a Phiten necklace. It is a tradition I adopted after I noticed that Kara Goucher does, too 🙂 I have a black, orange and special green one we got in Hawaii that has turtles on it! I really need, I mean want a pink one!

Foam Roller- These little logs work wonders! Using one is like getting a massage without the hefty price tag. I use mine daily, as it helps relieve my muscle soreness. The process is called Myofascial release (which you can read about here) and there is a great article on how to use it here on Runner’s World website.

The Stick– I got my Sprinter Stick at a race expo. I was unconvinced that it would work until the guy at the booth gave me a tutorial. It’s use is similar to the foam roller, but much more pinpointed. I like the size because you can bring it with you when you travel and never miss a good roll out!

What essentials did I  miss?

Anything fun happen to you on this Terrific Tuesday?

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  1. Those are all very good. For me another must have is coffee and secondary options are running shorts and a dryfit style hat for running in the winter. There’s a certain coffee I use almost exclusively now that I plan on writing about soon!

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