A Saturday Long run & Running “Buddies”


12 miles @ 8:08 pace on the trail

Since this post is about my run, I’ll go into detail below.


Real quick… Don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight before you go to bed! It’s Daylight Saving Time!

Remember the Cucumber Vodka we got last week? Well that Birthday Party is tonight, and the reason I ran my long run today instead of my typical Sunday. I don’t think I’ll be wanting to get up early and run in the AM, especially with the hour less sleep I would get. Todd will probably have to pick me up, as I am super weird about drinking anything and driving. To thank him, I’ll have dinner and dessert ready for him before I leave! Also in preparation for tonight…


I have my Nuun water bottle all ready for Todd to bring so I can drink it on the way home. Hey, I like to be prepared 😉

Onto my run… Like a kid on Christmas, I was up before my alarm, excited for another long run. Like last week’s lack of body glide application, I made another rookie running mistake… I overdressed. The temperature when I left the house was 56 degrees, so I decided to wear a shirt instead of a tank. When I was 1.5 miles into my run and I was already warm, I knew I was in for a hot run. The rule of thumb is to dress like it is 15 degrees warmer. Opps. Oh, well, at least I was running right?!

I was reminded of how awesome the running community is today. For those of you who have a regular running route/place you can probably relate when I say I love seeing the same familiar faces on the trail. I like to refer to them as my running “buddies.” I only know their first names and maybe races they have/are going to run, but I consider them my buddies. Since I have been MIA on the trail lately (I was the girl who was out there everyday!) I was thrilled to see my buddies again. Hearing people call out your name and waving makes you feel special! It is also SUPER motivating when you are sucking air during an interval workout and a fellow runner yells out, “Looking good!” or “You got this!” One nice old guy on the trail always says, “Hey there my speedy friend.” I honestly don’t even know the mans name, but I know his face and appreciate his comments. In addition to the motivation and smiles running buddies bring, they also make me feel a bit safer. I just know that if something happened to me, any one of those people would help.

You know who else I love running into on the trail? My madre! Her and my dad walk Maddie (Riley’s cousin) in the mornings and since my dad and Todd were golfing (can I just say that I LOVE that my dad and Todd hang out!) my mom took Maddie for a run. I’m cruising along when I hear, “HEATHER!” I look over and there they are. I ran over to say hey before heading off. It makes my day seeing my friends and family on the trail 🙂

I felt great during my entire run. I felt my knee flare up a bit after running down- dare I say- a steep hill (unless you live anywhere else than FL.) Nothing hurt, my knee just wanted to remind me that it is not 100% and to take it easy. And that I did. I was happy I kept the pace slower and didn’t try and push my limits. I do wish that I would have taken more water, as I only got it once. It is so important to stay hydrated during your and I sometimes forget that when it is cooler out. Speaking of water…


When I was at the water cooler at the end of my run a lady asked me about my shamrock socks. You know this girl loves to talk running so of COURSE I was more than happy to tell her about the advantages of compression socks and even let her in on PRO Compressions Biggest Giveaway Ever! This people, is why I love the running community so much. Everyone (well almost everyone) is so nice!

I want to apologize for all of my current “runner’s high” posts, haha. I just can’t help being so happy about running again 🙂 On my way home, I had to use my Free Coffee coupon at McDonalds. It expires the 12th and while a coffee there won’t break the bank, a free one definitey won’t 😉 Surpsiringly, I don’t pass a McDonalds going to 98% of the places I go. Enjoy the shot of the coupon on my goosebumped leg, haha. Can you guess what size I got?


Do you do most of your runs at the same place?

Do running buddies motivate or annoy you during runs?

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  1. It’s a swift kick in the hoo-hah, that your 12 miles “easy” is TWO MINUTES faster than my “easy” 12 miler is going to be tomorrow. AND you’re coming off an injury. **hangs head** bah humbug!

  2. Heather, Nice run!
    I try to vary my routes as much as possible. Good to hear the knee is holding up. Running buddies motivate me…some days there is no one out there and you start to think maybe something else is going on that you are missing…but you aren’t.

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