Running Surfaces- Prelude


Easy 6 miles @ 8:28 pace on treadmill

My knee was oddly sore during the first mile, but felt fine after that. I think the pounding outside on the trail is having an affect on my recovery time. I am going to stick with the treadmill for all runs except my long run.


I think it’s important that people learn a bit about the surfaces they run on. It can play a role in getting to the starting line injury free and well prepared. It can also influence your actual race experience. Here is a little anecdote…


The Chicago Marathon is ran in the beginning of October. In Florida, that means you’re training for this race during the summer, on our hottest, most humid days. Not. Fun. So when Todd and I trained for this race a few years ago we thought it was a brilliant idea to do our runs on the treadmill. This way, we could actually hit our paces, get good speed work in and not want to kill ourselves after every run. So that we did. And it went great. While running 20 miles on a treadmill with tempos/intervals/etc. mixed in may seem daunting, imagine doing it outside at 5AM in 85 degrees and 90% humidity BEFORE the sun even rises. We chose the air conditioned, TV/movie watching, fan blowing treadmill instead.

Race day came and we were pumped! We put in some solid training and were both ready to PR. Until halfway through the race when our legs said, “What the heck is this hard surface we are running on? Why is there no leeway when our feet land?” They were pissed. Training almost exclusively on the tready was NOT a good idea. If we were racing on a treadmill we would have nailed it, however that was not the case 🙁 Lesson learned. This week I will go into detail about running surface properties, their pro’s and cons and provide examples. I hope you learn a little somethin somethin.

Speaking of chocolate 😉 I got my Godiva truffle of the month today while I was at the mall running a few errands. I choose Creme Brulee and it was a great choice! Gosh these little orbs are so delicious!


Has anyone else trained for a marathon on a treadmill?

Have you become a member of the FREE Godiva Chocolate of the Month club?

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  1. Oh boy do I hate the dreadmill, but luckily I live in the Midwest so 6am runs in the summer are manageable. I just registered for the 2013 Chicago marathon and I cannot wait to get started!

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