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4 miles @ 8:04 on treadmill/ Weights at home

I know I was going to take the day off after runs outside, but I just had the urge to run today! I wasn’t any more sore than normal, so I went with my gut and ran ūüôā I lifted at home, doing a combo of biceps, triceps, back and ab exercises.


I touched on the topic of my running log in Wednesday’s post and I’m sure you are just DYING to know more! It is actually a really useful and informative log. You saw a screen shot of the “Log In” and that awesomeness is only the beginning. Once I log in, I am brought to the main page which looks like a calendar. Mine is pink and Todd’s is yellow. It displays the runs that I have/will do each day. If I click on any day, it will show me on the right what my workout is/was. There is an option to “edit.” This is used to add or change a run. For example, I may have in there that I will run 6 easy miles today and it¬†automatically¬†puts the pace in according to my past race times so when I am done with my run, I’ll go into my log and record the actual pace I ran. OK. That sounded kind of confusing, haha. Remember the last¬†Quality¬†Workout I¬†referred¬†to HERE, well below is a screen shot of what that day looked like: (click on the image to get a better view)

log screen shotI had Todd put the “LIKE A BOSS” title over the workout section for extra motivation, hehe. Each drop down box under¬†Type has the option of Easy, Pace, Tempo, Interval, Repetition or Race.¬†Distance goes from .5 to 22 miles.¬†Pace is¬†automatically¬†generated based on the races you have done and what your goal is and can be changed to the actual pace you ran.¬†Recovery is used when you are doing a run that, duh, needs a recovery, so that it is added in your total mileage.¬†Surface has Trail, Treadmill, Sidewalk, Grass, Road. The Shoes¬†category¬†is nice to keep track of how many miles are on each pair of shoes you wear. And of course a Notes section to jot down whatever I please ūüėȬ†The brilliance of the whole thing is that everything is¬†automatically¬†done. I don’t have to do any math to get the average pace from all the tempos I did in a run or the miles I ran in a week or the miles on my shoes. It is done for me. How stellar!

Below the calendar, you can click on different tabs to take you to other information:

log bottomIf you click on¬†Stats it shows my Personal Records, Training Paces based on my current VDOT (found using Jack Daniels formula), Shoe Tracker, Race Targets, and an Equivalent Runs Calculator that compares Daniels’ training pace to McMillan’s paces. I’m sure this all sounds like mumbo jumbo, but it is really helpful when figuring out what pace to do certain runs at and what paces I need to run to achieve certain goals. (click to enlarge)

log statsThe¬†Races tab is super cool! Once you have input all the races you’ve done, it plots them. Each race distance has its own color and you can select to have one distance or all distances shown. This is a simple way to see how much (or little) you have progressed. If you roll your mouse over each dot it will show what race it was and your time and pace. I’m so sad that the last race I ran was in January.

log races

Soooo, what do you think?

Do you use a running log? If so, what kind?

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  1. This is unbelievable!!!!! You are my motivation ūüėČ makes me thrive to improve!! Amazing paces on those PRs. You ARE the boss!

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