Bagel, 18 miles, SUSHI!


18 miles @ 7:52 pace on trail

68 degrees, 95% humidity. Enough said. Recap below.


After watching the weather on the news last night, Todd and I decided it would be smart to switch our long runs to today. The low was lower (64 vs 69) and there was less chance of rain (30% vs 50%). Since the temps and humidity are arisin’ I decided to head out before the sun rose. I set my alarm super early so I could wake up with enough time to make my usual pre-race meal… the bagel. Of course I could just buy/make one the day before, but lets be honest, a fresh baked bagel is the bomb! BJ’s Warehouse is a wholesale store here in FL and you can buy their bagels frozen to take home and bake yourself. I haven’t really expressed my love/obsession for all things freshly baked, but I have a SERIOUS weakness for warm carbs! Last night I set the oven to “Delay Start” so that I could get the extra 10ish minutes of sleep it takes the oven to pre-heat. Smart, i know. I woke up, threw in the frozen bagel and roughly 15 minutes later I had the most delicious pre run asiago bagel. Mmmmmm…


Huge, doughy and extra yummy!

Sometimes I don’t know why I listen to meteorologists… I awoke to 68 degrees and rain. Really?! I wanted to put my run off until tomorrow (which could’ve been worse) and Todd said, “suck it up buttercup!” Glad I did. While the air was thick, the trail was wet and temperature reached 75, I surprised myself with a 7:52 pace. I didn’t really look at my watch, I just ran. I don’t know what it is, but I always seem to do well when the weather conditions are bad, haha. Maybe I feel like I have to prove something? I don’t know. There was enough breeze to cool me off a bit, but I was drenched at the end. I did get water 5 times (I don’t stop my watch for this). Just a sip, but I looked forward to it every time 🙂

There was a down side to running today versus tomorrow… I knew I wouldn’t see my sister out there, as she had work this morning. I did however see a lot of my buddies and of course my mom and Maddie 🙂 Oh, another downside… I forgot to Body Glide my rear end. BIG MISTAKE. Chaffing ensued. TMI? Maybe, but this is real life people. It’s not talked about it, but it happens and it SUCKS!

The usual post run routine happened… Strawberry Lemonade Nuun, protein shake, Cafe Du Monde, oatmeal, foam rolling, PRO Compression socks. Oh, and I showered, haha.


Recovery mode 🙂

RUNNING NERD ALERT: I can’t wait to see what the PRO Compression SOM (sock of the month) is for April! Maybe Boston themed blue and yellow?

I was already hungry a few hours later, so we headed to our favorite sushi place, Origami Sushi. Their rolls are large and delicious. We get the lunch special which includes a ginger salad, miso soup and 3 rolls each 🙂 You could get just 1 or 2 rolls, but please, that is just a tease!


Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

We hadn’t gone out for sushi in a while, so this really hit the spot! My belly was fu-u-ull!

What is your pre/post run rountine?

Do you like sushi? And I mean real sushi, as in raw fish.

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  1. Great run today!! You are going to rock in boston! I made the mistake of not checking the temps today and headed out for a run at noon. I about died after 6 miles. Damn fl weather! 🙂

    I’m not a sushi fan, so we will never go on a sushi post run date together… but im looking forward to a froyo date soon!

    • The weather has been all freakin over the place lately! It’s supposed to get back down in the 40 this week… what? Froyo date soon works for me!!

  2. Sushi! Omg- so yummy. 🙂 my chicken chili was preeeetttyyy delish too 😉 we found a real good sushi place not far from us (finally) [ yes, in georgia] hehehe

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