Nutmeg and Celery ???’s


6 miles @ 8:05 pace on treadmill

I think my knee is having DOKS- Delayed Onset Knee Soreness, haha. It was more sore today than yesterday (the day after my 18 miler). I decided to still run, as it didn’t hurt, I jut felt it more than normal. Fingers crossed the soreness dwindles by tomorrow 🙂


I have a few questions for all you foodies out there…

Question #1: Does nutmeg go rancid/bad?

IMAG0501I bought some nutmeg about a month ago and there were 4 little nuggets in the bag. I cook with and put nutmeg in my oatmeal A LOT, so I know what it’s supposed to taste like. When I used the nutmeg on the the right in the picture it tasted really off. Not necessarily bad, but definitely not normal. I thought maybe my taste buds were just off for the day or something I had eaten earlier may have adjusted the taste so I used it the next day, too. It was still weird tasting. I grabbed a different “meg” the next time I used it and that one tasted fine! They were from the same purchase so it’s not like I had one laying around for a year. Thoughts?

Question #2: What do I do with a ton of celery?

IMAG0503Celery was buy one get one free this week at Publix. I needed some for our stir-fry dinner one night and now I have almost 2 whole bunches of celery! I made a few “ants on a log” for me and some “logs” (he doesn’t like ants on his logs, what a loser!) for Todd, but we can only eat it that way so many times. Just in case you aren’t in the loop- ants on a log is peanut butter in the crevasse of the celery stalk with raisins on top. I HATE wasting food, so any ideas on how to use this much celery (other than using it as a dipper) would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and I already tried to pawn it off to my mom, but she bought some, too, haha.

Publix also had this Shock Top Seasonal Collection Honeycrisp Apple Wheat on sale. You know I’m not a big beer fan, as I mentioned HERE, but this one gets a thumbs up by me! Would I choose this over a Long Island Ice Tea? No. But it was good… for beer, HAHA.

IMAG0510Just in case you already forgot, here are the questions again 😉 Help me out peeps!

Does nutmeg go rancid/bad?

What to do with a ton of celery?

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  1. Where did you find that shock top?!?!! We had that at a restaurant the other night and I can’t find it!!!!!! :(((

    Ps- celery is yummy in tuna and shredded chicken with avocado. Boom. ;$

  2. I cant help you out with the nutmeg… Ive never used it in my cooking! Being that its pretty chilly out this week, you could make a veggie soup in the crockpot with all that celery. (Then freeze the leftovers) I could share some of my PB2 for some more ants on a log with you. You bring the ants and the logs and ive got the rest 🙂

    That shock top is pretty tasty! Its almost like a cider!

  3. I don’t eat nutmeg except for the already ground up spices, but I would say if it tastes off then yes it’s prob bad!! Trust your taste buds! As for the celery..maybe juice it or put it into smoothies!? That is A LOT of celery haha. Make a potato salad..? Google some celery recipes!

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