8 miles @ 7:57 pace on trail

My run went great! I think I even got a bit of a farmers tan from the cloudless, sunny skies! I only checked my watch once at my turn around point. I was very happy to have run under an 8 min mile without checking my watch because this means that’s my “comfortable pace” again. Yay!


Can we please talk about the crazy weather we are having here in Florida?! I’m not quite sure if it’s the end of March or January. It was in the 80’s with high humidity like 3 days ago, haha and today was a low of 40 degrees, high of 63 with 35% humidity. It will be back in the 80’s this weekend… what?! This was the awesome outfit I wore today to walk Riley:

The lighting in our room sucks.

The lighting in our room sucks.

Lets start from the top… the ear warmer is KEY. It has been really windy out and my little ear lobes freeze! Ear warmers make it so much more comfortable. Next comes a long sleeve shirt underneath my old school GAP Athletics sweatshirt. I swear I’ve had this thing forever! It is my official “walk Riley when its cold” sweatshirt. You know when you do anything outside how whatever you’re wearing gets that outside smell? It’s not necessarily and bad or stinky smell, just an outside smell. I dunno, maybe it’s just me… So I reserve this sweatshirt for things like walking Ry or putting on right after a run to get warm. YES, I wash it, but I like having a designated sweatshirt for outside time. Go ahead, judge. Moving onto the lower body… PRO Compression Marathon socks with windbreaker pants on top! I also wore gloves and sunglasses 🙂

Dog toys everywhere!

Dog toys everywhere!

Riley says, “Mom, enough with the pictures, I’m ready for my walk!!!” Yes, Princess Riley.

Today I ran outside, despite the wind. I keep reading other runner’s blogs who are heading out in WAY WORSE conditions, so I kind of felt like a wimp making excuses. Of course once I’m out there I wonder why I ever even contemplated not running outside. By the time I walked Ms. Princess and got everything together for our chili tonight, the weather warmed up enough for me to wear shorts and a shirt comfortably. My hands are ALWAYS cold, so I rocked my pink gloves, too.

Can you tell I like bright colors?

Can you tell I like bright colors?

While the temperature was close to 60, the wind was still strong and my little fingers were very happy they were covered. I almost always wear shorts to run because my legs never get cold. I mean, they are working the whole time. I was cold in the beginning, but that’s the best way to start in my opinion. I warmed up a bit, but the wind kept me from getting anywhere near hot. My quads were a little sore, (maybe from pilates?) and I don’t know if that combined with being cold kept my mind off of my knee, but I honestly didn’t feel anything wrong/weird with it until the VERY end when I stopped running and walked to the water cooler. My fingers are crossed that the knee Gods are working their magic on Mr. Left Knee for a full recovery for Boston and beyond. Because lets be honest people, Boston is going to be WAY COOL! and I am super stoked about it, but that’s not where the buck stops. This lady needs to start doing speed work again and get on my goal of becoming an OTQ (Olympic Trials Qualifier)!!!

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Do you wear obnoxious color combos like me?

PS There was a lot of celery on our chili tonight, haha.


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