Doritos Locos Tacos


6 miles @ 8:24 pace on treadmill

I guess my plan to run slower outside and faster on the treadmill was a failure, haha. I wanted to keep my run today on the easier side, as I’m going to take advantage of the cooler weather while it lasts and run outside again tomorrow. I know I said I was going to keep it to 2 days outside, but the heat and humidity are going to rise soon and the 50-60 degree temps are calling my name! I could feel my knee a bit in the beginning and then again RIGHT when I stopped… you know that moment you go from running to walking? Ugh. I hope this darn knee heals 100% soon!


I think by now, everyone has seen or heard a commercial for the Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell. They come in two flavors: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. Todd and I are not big fast food people, but when the Nacho Cheese flavor came out, we decided we wanted to try it. And that we did. We were in Midland, Michigan for the Qualifier Marathon in May 2012. The race itself was flat, but super hot (80’s), sunny and definitely a tough one. I was able to crank out a 3:15:17/ 7:27 pace and get 4th overall female 🙂

QualifierMost of our marathons are paired with vacations, so after the race (and showering and taking a nap) we drove to Detroit. On the way we thought outside the bun and got the Nacho Cheese Doritos Taco:

nacho cheeseNotice the black finger nail polish! A marathon tradition for me 🙂 The taco was full of nacho cheesy flavor and was very yummy! You can see hoe red the taco shell is from the Nacho flavoring. We tried the Cool Ranch flavor Sunday before we went on our DLites date. Obviously ranch has less color, so it was harder to see the seasonings on the taco shell, but they were there if you looked closely.

cool ranch

And the winner iiiiiiiiiis… (drum roll) The Nacho Cheese Taco! It simply had more flavor and punch than the Cool Ranch. Look what was written on our Fire Sauce…


Will you marry me?

The people at Taco Bell must know how classy we are- getting Taco Bell before our date- and slipped this gem in with our tacos. I told him I’ll have to think about it 😉

Have you tried either of the Doritos Locos Tacos?

How often do you eat fast food? (don’t worry, I won’t judge!)

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  1. I am so glad you’ve tried these!! I eat a vegan diet, so these are no go’s for me..but I DO think they look AWESOME and would try them if they were vegan. Maybe one day I’ll have a vegan with benefits day just to try these! HA!

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