Sweet Dreams and Number Problems


6 miles @ 8:28 pace on treadmill/ weights

This was the lamest treadmill run to date. I felt like I needed to crack my back the entire time and every freakin channel was full of commercials (we don’t have a DVR on this TV.) I was more than happy for this run to end, which isn’t typical of me. I felt my knee at the end, but it was fine during the run. I feel like I’ve been slacking on the weights lately but I did a quick bi/tri/back/abs workout at home.


Boy did I sleep in this morning… 7:45AM 🙂 That is a new record for me as of late. My body clock usually gets up between 6AM and 7Am.  I think I was able to sleep in today because of the awesome dream I was having about fried chicken! Maybe this post’s title should be Savory Dreams  instead of Sweet Dreams, haha. So random though, right? Well, kind of… I have a 20 miler on Sunday and the last time I did a 20 miler, it was a super hard quality run and I rewarded myself a bit to the extreme in the food department…


Fried chicken from the wonderful Publix Deli- I actually called my “order” in so that when I picked it up it would be hot and fresh. Ya, I did that. And the HOMEMADE mac n’ cheese courtesy of my wonderful mother 🙂 Other than the TOTAL lack of nutrition, haha, this was the best meal ever! Obviously, because I dreamt about it.

After waking up I jumped (not literally) onto the treadmill and started an easy 6 miler. By the time I finished, Todd had woken up and was ready to go for a run himself. While he ran, I made us banana pancakes for breakfast, stretched and enjoyed my coffee.

Side note: Whenever I make banana pancakes I think about the song “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson 🙂

I have this weird quirk I think you should know about… since we are friends and all 🙂 I am weird about numbers. It’s borderline OCD- and I don’t mean that in a way that mocks obsessive compulsive disorder. This is going to be tough to explain because there are so many “numbers” in my life. It all derives from me liking even numbers. The best example is the car radio. If I see the volume number on the dash and it is on 7, I’ll turn it to 6 or 8. If I don’t see it, it doesn’t bother me, but more times than not I’ll be paying attention and make you put it on an even number. Same thing with the TV volume. If I microwave something, it will always be for an even number amount of time. This is really bad, but sometimes if I just have to warm something up I’ll do it 26 seconds instead of 30 (get it, 26.2 is a marathon). I’ve even made Todd do it for me and every time he says I have a problem, haha. But he does it because he loves me and my issues <3

If you haven’t noticed in my WORKOUT section, all of my runs have been even numbers. I don’t mind runs of odd distances if they are a real workout, meaning there are repeats/intervals/tempos of some kind or if its 13 (but I’ll always run the .1 to make it a race distance.) Other than the half marathon distance or in a race, I like to run to the whole number or even tenth of a number, i.e. 8.02 miles. If I’m close to a half mile I’ll make it a full half, i.e. if I’m at 8.44 I’d run the extra .06. It’s not a mileage thing, it’s a numbers thing.


Exhibit A: Garmin distance

If I’m getting gas- as in petroleum, not THAT kind of gas- I’ll make sure the dollar amount is even. I eat M&M’s, nuts, etc. 2 or 4 at a time. If I’m putting things in bags (left over muffins, cookies, whatever) there will be an even number in each bag, even if I have to use an additional bag.


Exhibit B: chocolate chip muffins, 2 per bag

For the sake of our “friendship” I’ll keep it at that. I don’t want you to know how cray cray I really am, haha! Thank you for listening ladies and gentlemen! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Easter tomorrow!

Tell me something weird about yourself.

What was the last really bad food you treated yourself to?

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  1. AHAHAHA my volume has to be on an even time too!! Volume on the TV along with radios! I have to end my runs on either the .5 or the whole mile mark. I will push until I am there (unless it’s a race that has a different ending distance.) Awesome job on your runs, my treadmill has had a lot of walking lately, I just HATE running on that thing! Thank god the sun has been out so I can run outside!

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