Easter Throwback


20 miles @ 7:53 pace on trail

I was happy with this run. Considering the 60 degree start and super sunny skies, I can’t complain about my pace. My knee felt surprisingly fine, but my quads were sore about half way through. I’ll do a more in depth recap later, today is about Easter 🙂


I hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER! It has been a busy day for us, as I’m sure it has for a lot of you 🙂 I’ll recap my long run and Easter Festivities this week, but for now I’ll keep it light with some old photos from Easter’s passed.

Here are a few from Todd and I’s past Easter’s… This one is Todd and I’s first Easter as Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The one on the left is at my Grandma’s and the one on the right is at his mom’s house. You can tell this was before our hard core running day, hehe.


This one is of Todd and I’s first Easter as a married couple <3 The one on the left is at my MIL’s house with our niece Addalie. It’s crazy how much she has grown! The picture on the right is again, at my Grandma’s earlier in the day.
married easter

Now for the REAL old school pics… Look at how cute Kristin and I were in our Easter dresses 🙂


We would always come home from church and find the eggs the Easter Bunny hid while we were gone… still dressed in our pretty Easter dresses and bows 🙂


I love this girl!


I was a little older here, but still just as eggcited to hunt for eggs!


I love looking at old pictures from my childhood. It reminds me of how lucky I am to have such wonderful parents who gave me the best childhood ever. No Yolk! Ha! I crack myself up. Get it, hahahah!

Did you hunt Easter eggs as a child?

When’s the last time you looked through old photos?