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4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill

My knee was sore, so I capped it at 4 miles and did some upper body weights and a fun new ab routine I found.


I wrote a post when I first started this blog, a WHOLE two months ago, haha, about some of my addictions HERE. Lately, I have been using the crap out of the below products and thought you might want to try/use them yourselves… I hope you enjoy 🙂

Sriracha– OK. Yes, this has been around forever. I’ve used it a number of times and had it in foods at other places. After having sushi as a post run treat- spicy tuna and salmon are 2 of our faves- Todd said we should buy some Sriracha for the house. So I bought some. He is brilliant! I LOVE this condiment! I have been putting it on and adding it to anything and everything. Crockpot pulled pork sammies with Sriracha on top… yes please. Steamed cauliflower drizzled with the hot stuff… don’t mind if I do! Baked chicken fingers dipped in a mustard Sriracha combo… yuppers! This stuff is so darn good. I. Am. Hooked.


Mtn. Dew Lip Balm– This stuff is the bomb.com and tastes just like Mountain Dew! I normally use the ChapStick brand, but I’ve been mixing it up with this tasty option.


Jergens Natural Lotion– I lotion up after every shower. It is a must for soft skin. The cold, dry weather (every other week, haha) combined with super hot showers, has lead to drier than normal skin. I really like the Jergen’s brand and normally get their Ultra Healing line. I recently saw they had a Jergens Naturals line with an Ultra Hydrating lotion and tried it out. It has a pleasant yet subtle scent that I like and has kept my skin nice and moist!


Mint Extract– I have been using this in my protein shakes like crazy! The protein powder I use is chocolate, so I’ll add a spoonful of dark cocoa powder, a little stevia, couple drops of mint extract and handful of spinach. Whirl it all up in my Ninja blender (awesome btw!) and BAM, a thin mint smoothie! I’ve tried it with peppermint extract and that would be a negative… at least for me. Tastes too much like gum. Trust me on this one. Try the Mint Extract in your next chocolate smoothie.


C9 by Champion Underwear– I got these bad boys at Target a few weeks ago and have been loving them on my longer runs. I don’t know about you other ladies, but I have to wear something other than cotton panties or a thong (never) on runs longer than 8ish miles. Of course they caught my attention because of the neon pink color (a mute point since no one actually sees them, haha), but the fit and feel have made me a lover. They are long enough that they don’t ride up, but not so long that they show under my shorts. I also didn’t chafe at all around the edges on my last 18 miler. Always a plus. I must get more! I wish they had more neon color options 🙂


Crock Pot– I don’t think this really needs an explanation and I guess it’s not really an obsession lately, as I’ve always used it a lot. BUT I did want to mention the SIZE of the crock pot I use. It’s a smaller, 4 quart potthat is perfect for making meal for 2-4  instead of the larger ones that make enough food to feed an army.


What are your obsessions lately?

How has your running been?

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  1. I have never been able to get on the hot sauce train. I LOVE salsa, and cayenne pepper is my best friend..but hot sauce just tastes funny to me! Such a shame! My obsessions right now are non food or item related but I am loving my daily walks, and play time with my cats!! HA! My runs are going good!! Glad to have minimal knee pain hoorah!

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