Marathon Nutrition Facts


8 miles @ 7:55 pace on trail

I enjoyed my last outside run before Boston. It was warm, sunny and humid, and I loved every second of it! I did feel my knee a bit today, waaaa waaa, but it was hardly noticeable, so that’s a plus. I only got water once because there was a creepy guy by the cooler the first time I passed it. It was only 8 miles, so I figured I’d play it safe. All I could think about during my run was, of course, Boston 🙂


I recently came across this fun picture and just had to share!

marathoner factsI thought this was pretty fitting for my blog, as I often talk about nutrition and ALWAYS talk about running! I read/check food labels all the time and have no problem turning over 4 boxes/containers/whatever in an isle at the grocery store to compare ingredients, haha. It’s my health and nutrition and I could careless if someone walking by wants to judge.

The only thing this label is missing is Fierceness! Other than that, this is a great representation of what all goes into training and racing a marathon. I still can’t believe I am running in THE Boston Marathon. I’ve qualified a few times, but the timing was never right. It’s not 100% perfect timing now either, with my knee and all, but I couldn’t be more excited. I still can’t get over the fact that I’ll be running in the same race as Kara and Shalane, among others 🙂 I was really sad to hear that Meb is pulling out because of a foot injury. You can read about it HERE.

I think I am insufficient in the “Hill Work” department. This malnourishment of sorts is going to kill me at Boston, but what can you do? Everyone has that one area that needs improvement. Living in FLAT Florida makes it hard to find hills to train on. There are bridges, but most of them are pretty far away from where I live. So when I’m complaining about my super sore quads and calves after the race… that is why.

It’s that time of month again… No, not THAT time… Godiva chocolate of the month time! This month I went with one of Duff Goldman’s creations, the Cookie Dough Truffle:

cookie dough godiva

Doubt I want to know the nutrition facts of this little guy, haha. The lady at the shop really hyped it up, but I have got to say… of the past few truffles I’ve had, this is my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, I mean, it IS Godiva chocolate, but it wasn’t anything special. It did hit the spot after my run though 🙂


How about that hair? 5 days and counting 🙂

What part of training could YOU improve on?

Do you compare nutrition labels at the store?

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  1. I read labels all the time and don’t care if I look like someone’s mom doing it.
    I need to increase my weekly mileage to over 30, add one day of hill work, one day of track work and committ. I’m getting ready to sign up for my fall marathon so I need to get with the program soon.
    Have a great race!!

      • I’m looking at Hartford, Bay State and Smutteynose. They are all within a 3 week period so I can’t do them all.
        As much as I want to run Hartford again, I think I can run a 3:45 at Bay State if I work on it this summer. Hartford is a more challenging course. If it were after Bay State I could go all out at Bay State and then run Hartford just for fun, on sore legs!

        • I like to run different courses and obviously like to PR, so my vote would be Bay State and maybe a shorter distance at Hartford since I believe they offer several? That could be just a fun run… Have fun choosing!

          • That’s a good idea. Last year I ran the BAA Half the week before Hartford and I was fine. If I run the Half then I cheer on my friends running the full, AND spend extra time in the beer tent!
            I may have come around to this idea eventually, but you saved me some time. Thank you!

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