Britt’s Bridal Shower


3 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill

My quads were pretty sore, but better than yesterday. I only did 3 miles this morning because I will be running in a 3 mile Boston Memorial Run tonight. I have to have my even number mileage 🙂


One of my close friends, Brittany, is getting married in June and I am honored to be one of her 10, yes 10, bridesmaids. As the big day approaches the wedding festivities are beginning. Saturday we threw her a beautiful Bridal Shower.


We had it as Mimi’s Cafe and they were great. About 30 people attended and she was overwhelmed with gifts!


We had a mimosa bar with the champagne glasses being favors, and fun martini glass centerpieces 🙂



We played the “who know’s the bride the best” game, along with the “toilet paper bride” game. Both were a blast!


And of course my favorite part… the cake! How awesome is that cake?!


Here is part of Brittany’s bridal party… we’re a good lookin bunch if you ask me!


And one last photo with the Bride-to-be!

me n britt

Have you ever thrown a bridal shower?

Do you get embarrassed opening gifts in front of other people?

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  1. I actually do get slightly awkward opening gifts in front of people haha. I never know how I am supposed to react to getting socks or candy bars. What a fun day!! That cake is so cute, and I LOVE that champagne!

  2. I went on a memorial run last night too! (Ps. Ill be in town next weekend. Lets go for a run!)

    I threw my first bridal show last year for my sister! I dont mind opening gifts infront of others, but she did! Lol

    • Yes! on the run. I will be texting you.
      I don’t mind opening them for a bit, but let’s be honest, it’s boring for everyone else, haha.

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