Boston Memorial Run


4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Pilates

My knee felt fine, but my quads were still a bit sore so I took it easy today. I haven’t been to pilates in a few weeks so I was happy to be back at it! The instructor gave me a shout out for running Boston and coming home safe. I blushed and felt special the whole class šŸ™‚


Last night, a local running store, FIT Niche, took part in a grass roots campaign Ā called “Runners for Boston” by holding a Memorial Run for those injured or killed in the Boston bombings. They had shirts for sale and 100% of the proceeds went to One Fund Boston, where you can still donate.. There were also race “bibs” printed out that runner’s could wear showing their support.

remember bostonThe turn out was great! I don’t know the exact numbers but there were at least 100 people there. I met up with my new friend Mary and met some awesome fellow running bloggers in our area šŸ™‚

imageThe run was a nice 3 mile loop in the Hyde Park area and along Bayshore. This is a beautiful area to run in Tampa and I don’t get down there enough (it’s a good 20 minute drive with no traffic.) We ran the first mile in silence and all I could think about was seeing Todd during Boston at mile 24.5 when he took my picture and feeling so strong at the end of the race. I don’t know why that particular moment of the race stuck out so much, but hearing him yell my name, when I hadn’t heard anyone else say it since leaving him at the buses just made me feel so great. It’s kind of weird looking back now.

Anywho, after the first silent mile, people chatted it up and it was great running with others for such a great cause. What topped off this already awesome event was running- literally- into my old roommate and great friend, Amanda. We use to run, or should I say jog, haha, together back in our college days and she always teases that if only she would have stuck with me she’d be running marathons now, too. And I bet she would! She is also the oneĀ responsibleĀ for hooking Todd and I up, and I am foreverĀ gratefulĀ to her for that.

aprunningAnd since we are talking running andĀ rememberingĀ Boston, here are some super fun pictures Todd took of the Elites from the race while waiting for me… I was only seconds behind them, so he didn’t have to wait long… HA! In my dreams… no, that really is my dream šŸ™‚




DSC02846Look at how far off the ground Shalane is! Dang. I am so jealous of how close Todd got to them, but I wouldn’t trade actually running the race for anything šŸ™‚

Did you do a Boston Memorial Run yesterday?

Have you ever seen Elites in a race?

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    • It was great meeting you, too! Team Asics ya! If you try the 2100 let me know what you think. I’m still in my 2170’s for now, but will have to make a switch eventually. See you around šŸ™‚

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