Roaming around Boston Paaaht 2


8 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill

I had no intention to run 8 miles this morning. My right quad seems to be taking it’s sweet time recovering, so I’ve been sticking to the tready to lessen the impact on my knee and muscles. I guess that runner’s high just took over… or maybe it was because Kelly & Michael came on and I was distracted, haha. I can’t believe I’m still a bit sore from Boston. Next hilly race I do, I WILL train for it.


Our second day of sight seeing in Boston was of course, Tuesday April 16th, the day after the bombings. We were a bit hesitant to go out and ride the subway and all, but you can’t live being scared. We were not under any sort of lock down and were told it was safe to walk around, so we did. And I’m glad we did 🙂 There was a huge police presence and that definitely made me feel safer. Everywhere you looked there were at least two uniformed officers.

Being the day after the marathon and all, I was happy to sleep in! We headed up to the executive suit to grab some free breakfast. Thanks to all of Todd’s traveling for work, we got upgraded this trip! We had a nice relaxing morning, Todd even gave me a full body massage 🙂 Then we went to see the Paul Revere statue at the Old North Church…


The steeple in the background is the Old North Church, where lanterns were hung as a warning signal to the people in Boston about the movements of the British Army, one if by land, two if by sea. Ever heard the saying, “The British are coming! The British are coming!” That’s Mr. Revere. Here is the inside of the church…

IMAG1003The first thing you’ll notice are the pews. They are like cubicles. It is said that the pew walls resulted from the fact that early churches were not heated and the walls minimized drafts serving to keep people relatively warm in the winter. Each family or group had their own “cubicle.” Pretty neat. By the time we looked around the statue and church I was ready for a snack, so we found the highly suggested Mike’s Pastry. There were too many options for this indecisive girl, so we stuck to their original ricotta cannoli. There was a nice little park on the water near by so we took it there to sit for a bit.

Mikes pastryIMAG1012So freakin good! Todd and I both agreed that it was the best cannoli we ever had, it was THAT good. We walked around a bit more before going to Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market. The cannoli didn’t tide me over that long and I was ready for lunch before I knew it. We made our way throughout the market so I could find the best food for lunch. We hadn’t tried the classic lobstah roll or clam chowdah, so that helped make my decision easier…

IMAG1018The chowdah was filled with clams and was just the right consistency… not too thick not too thin. The lobstah roll was good and thankfully not too mayonnaisey, but I think I’d rather eat a lobster with a side roll instead of it in sandwich form. Sorry Boston. Since we had time to spare until our flight, we though it would be nice to bring back a few cannoli for my parents to thank them for watching our dogter. Since we just had lunch, I clearly needed dessert, so while we were back at Mike’s Pastry for my parents, we picked me up a piece of carrot cake! I could not decide what kind of cake I wanted, so I narrowed it down to two and MADE Todd decide for me. He chose well 🙂


Like the cupcake in THIS post, I was LOVING the frosting to cake ratio! Now that I had a nice little sugar rush we walked back to the subway, stopped by the hotel to pick up our luggage and went to the airport for our journey home. Considering the events of the Boston Marathon, we had a nice trip. I really enjoyed the city of Boston and would love to go back… maybe Boston Marathon 2014?

Have you ever been to Boston?

Have you had a Lobstah Roll and if so what did you think?

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  1. I want to go to Boston sooooo bad!! I don’t know if it’s because of they hype from the infamous marathon, or just because it’s on the other side of the country..but I WANNA GOOO!! This sounds like such a fun day, and I love your snacks!! You and I are seriously the only two people I know that LOVE more frosting than cake. What’s wrong with everyone else?!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your time in Boston, in spite of everything. Mikes is awesome. One of the owners of Mikes kids used to go to school w/ my kids. She used to bring a few boxes of goodies to the PTO meetings and holiday partys. I’m addicted to their pistaccio cookies now! I never missed a PTO meeting either!
    I love lobster rolls, boiled lobster, stew, you name it. All good stuff. come back soon!

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