Sun Pass Awesomeness


6 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill

Things are feeling better! I am still going to stick to the treadmill until my long run Sunday on the trail, though, just to play it safe. I am so thankful to my amazing husband for our home “gym”. I KNOW I wouldn’t like dreadmill running as much as I do without that set up. I’m a lucky lady!



The SunPass is the Florida Department of Transportation’s prepaid toll program. It definitely saves you time and can even save you money (25% on most tolls!). How does this program work? From the SunPass website:

“A small, pocket sized device called a “SunPass Portable transponder” or a “SunPass Mini Sticker transponder” is attached to the inside of your car windshield, just below the rearview mirror. The transponder communicates via radio frequency with toll plaza readers/equipment. As the car passes through SunPass equipped lanes, the toll charges are electronically deducted from your prepaid toll account.”

SunPassstickerNow, what really makes the SunPass awesome is that the transponders are packadged at the MacDonald traning center, here in Tampa. This training center employs people with developmental disabilities and gets them ready for employment in our community. CEO Jim Freyvogel says his team of workers make less than one percent in errors. I love hearing stories like this! How awesome is it that something used all over the great state of Florida is packaged right here in Tampa Bay by people really working hard to empower themselves? It’s really awesome.

Speaking of cars… Look what I walked out to today…


Lovely! It’s like a whole flock of birds decided to relieve themselves on my car. Ugh. Guess who will be washing her car tomorrow? Fun. Fun.

Are there programs like this in your neck of the woods?

How many tolls do you drive through a week?

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  1. Your home gym set up is awesome!! My state has a Good to Go pass that saves money to cross the bridge from my area into Tacoma/Seattle. It definitely adds up saving a dolla here and there!

  2. I used to have to go over the Crosstown 2x every day – I have one of the Sunpass blocks that stick to the windshield still 🙂 Now that I’m out in Lakeland – no more tolls! But more gas ;(

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