Pool Partay!


6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ Weights

Holy cow my hamstrings were sore this morning! Rolling this morning was borderline painful 🙁 but it definitely helped. My run went fine. Nothing hurt, not even my knee… knock on wood! I also did some quick weights at home.


Ashley’s birthday was last week and every year she likes to have a little pool party to celebrate 🙂 After my run yesterday, I was more than happy to hang out by the pool. I really needed to fix this tan line I got from Boston…


Notice the Nuun tattoo on my left shoulder. This was taken the day after the race. I couldn’t believe how much sun I got! Check out these tres amigas… Heather, Ashley and Ashley 🙂

image (4)

Florida lived up to it’s nick name, the Sunshine State, and was sunny as ever! The birthday girl started things off with her favorite drink of vodka, cranberry juice and a splash of Sprite in her new Tervis Tumbler. The garnet color of the cranberry juice and gold color in the pattern of her cup made her drink the colors of her Alma Mater, FSU…

ash pool

I stuck with some Tangerine Lime Nuun in my super cool Boston Nuun bottle I got at the expo. Gotta stay hydrated after a quality run!

pool nuun

The boys grilled chicken and burgers. Zach, Ashley’s husband, makes the best BBQ grilled chicken ever! It’s so good! I brought some juicy watermelon- a poolside must! The other Ashley made some delicious buffalo chicken dip.

chicken dip

It was my job to cover the desert, so after consulting Ashley’s hubby, I decided on one of her favorites, a Carvel Ice Cream Cake! Figured that was perfect to cool us off. I also brought along some Publix chocolate chip cookies. There’s nothing super spectacular about these little cookies, but let me just say, they are ADDICTING! Soft and chocolaty and just yummy. You can’t have just one.

choco chip cookies

Not-the-Bday-Girl Ashley brought candles for Bday Girl Ashley’s cake and it was fun trying to light them with the wind- not! We got a couple lit and sang a horrible rendition of Happy Birthday before she made a wish and blew them out.

ash cakeI thoroughly enjoyed my section of the cake, haha…

image (1)And, as with all girls days, we chit chatted away! The boys eventually went back to the apartment and we laid out our towels to get our tan on! It was a successful Birthday Pool Party if you ask me! Too bad half of our friends were working or unable to make it 🙁 Just an excuse to have another party soon! Love you Ashley! Happy Birthday 🙂

AND Happy 29th Anniversary to my parents!

What’s your favorite poolside treat?

Any tan lines you’re trying to get rid of?

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  1. I love love love chilled fruit poolside! I went to the beach this past weekend and got FRIED. I have some serious tan lines – but I’m also kind of glad I got my first burn this past weekend instead of on the cruise in a couple weeks!

    • That was our thought, too! We have a bachelorette party in Key West coming up and wanted to get any “burning” done now, haha! Have fun on your cruise 🙂

  2. Oh man, I have learned to embrace my tan lines from running outside. Mine are similar to yours and I already have a nice base set up from the few runs in tank tops I have had this year. I kind of feel like they are my pride lines. I don’t even bother fixing them anymore haha. Ohh that cake..and cookies..way to refuel! YUM!

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