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6 miles @ pace on treadmill/ Ab work out

I usually do Pilates on Tuesdays, but my hammies were still sore and I didn’t want to stress them even more, so I just did a core routine at home and ran. My run went well and I felt no knee pain again! I don’t want to jinx it though, so I’m not too excited about it 😉


For the third time I’m going to mention my parents 29th wedding anniversary. What can I say? I love them. I wanted to surprise them each with goodies at work for a mini celebration. There is a family owned donut shop called Nicola’s Donuts that has the yummiest donuts around! The usually sell out by about 10AM so I made sure to get there by 9. I got a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting donut and a sweet cream filled chocolate glazed donut.

Nicola's DonutsThankfully, my dad is a generous man and shared both donuts with me. They were both very good!

IMAG0635Of course, as I was walking out to leave I notice a firetruck and ambulance blocking me in. Wonderful. So I went back to my dad’s office until they left. More time with daddio… guess I can’t complain! Next, I headed over to my mom’s school to surprise her with a Lemon Icebox cupcake from Gigi’s. We all know my love of their cupcakes, so I thought I’d bring one to my mom. She really like lemon meringue pie, so I thought this would be a good substitution. She teaches 3rd grade and all of her kids were worried about me when then Boston Bombings happened, so I made sure to wear my Boston Marathon shirt. The kids loved it! And my mom loved her cupcake, although she said it didn’t really taste lemony at all, so that’s weird, haha, and she sent me a text with this picture…


That’s what I like to see! I stole a spoonful of her icing before I left though… I couldn’t resist! All in all, it was a pretty successful surprise treat day! I’m too old for take your child to work day, so I just show up instead, haha.

IMAG0636Speaking of surprises… look what the hubster came home with today 🙂


What a sweet man I’ve got! Switching gears a bit… Leah Thorvilson posted a quote on Facebook that she came across on twitter and I am again, re-posting it here… it is a quote that I think explains my love for running, especially speed work and racing:

“The brick walls aren’t there to keep us out, the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” -R Pausch

Do you like surprises at work?

What is your favorite quote?

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