Month: April 2013

Roaming around Boston Paaaht 1

WORKOUT More freakin rest. I am so over rest, you don’t even know. I tried to run on the treadmill this morning, but my quads were just not having it. I am NEVER this sore, but I know it’s my own fault… with all of the bombing commotion after the race, I was totally side tracked and didn’t stretch. At. All. Ugh. ****** Our first day in Boston consisted of settling into our hotel and hitting up the expo, which I covered HERE and HERE. When we arrived to our hotel, Todd and I immediately unpacked our suitcase and I […]

Boston Marathon 2013 Recap

WORKOUT More Rest 🙂 Woke up under the weather again, sigh. I did venture out with Todd and Ry again for nice long walk. Todd took this whole week off, so it has been nice having him home to relax and spend some quality time together. ****** I’m not sure if there will ever be a good time to write about my Boston Marathon race experience. It is a bittersweet event for me. The days leading up to the race, and even the race itself, for me, was awesome. I am grateful for being able to cross the finish line […]

MY kind of Celebrities

WORKOUT Rest My quads are still really sore, but my knee is feeling OK. I woke up with a horrible deep, flemy cough and have felt pretty achy all day 🙁 I guess my immune system really took a hit after the race. Rest is best for now! ****** Most people would love to meet all the stars they watch in their favorite movies or TV shows. Me? I could care less. Brad Pitt could walk through the door and that would be cool, but I wouldn’t be gawking or screaming like a little girl. MY celebrities are athletes. I […]

Boston Bombing

WORKOUT Rest I am unbelievably sore from the hills, but more on that later. My knee is fine, YAY! I took yesterday off and enjoyed walking around Boston during our last day there. Today’s only “exercise” was a nice long walk with Todd and Riley 🙂 ****** I was hesitant to do a post on the Boston Bombings, as I didn’t think I could do it justice. However, I want to be able to look back and reflect on that day, both it’s highs and lows. My Boston Marathon experience was obviously bittersweet. Everything leading up to the bombings was AWESOME and […]

Home Sweet Home

I just wanted to write a quick post, albeit a little late, that I am OK. Todd and I are home safe and are thankful for it. I’ll be back on my regular posting schedule ASAP! I’m sure your life has not been the same without me <– please read with sarcasm. For now you can enjoy this shot of the awesome new mug I am currently enjoying my coffee in 🙂

Boston Expo Photo Dump :)

WORKOUT Rest/ Walking Yesterday there wasn’t much time for running, so I took a rest day then and today, too. Both days we walked around Boston and checked out the expo… yes, we went to the expo both days 🙂 ****** I know I said I wasn’t going to post while in Boston, but I need to get off my feet and just chillax, so while I’m resting I figured I do a fun little photo dump. This is only PART of my awesome Boston experience so far! Picking up my number #7570… you can follow me by texting RUNNER […]

A BIG Thank You

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill I was going to run this outside today (one last run on the trail I trained on:)) but when I woke to 76 degrees and 90% humidity, I headed for the treadmill. Weaksauce, I know, haha. My knee was OK, same ole same ole. I plan on running an easy 4 miles tomorrow and resting Sunday so I’ll be ready to bust out an awesome 26.2 miles on Monday 😉 ****** I’ve been receiving a lot of support from family, friends and Facebook/Blog friends for Boston and feel so grateful. It’s almost stupid how […]

NUUN Ambassador What?!

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:28 pace on treadmill Back to the same knee feeling. Guess that one day of normal-ness was just a tease! Oh well. I still didn’t have any pain, so that’s good. I did wake up with a sore throat and achy body again though. I thought I had kicked this little bug goodbye, but apparently not. ****** EEEEE! I am SO excited to share with you guys some BIG news! I am an official NUUN Ambassador!!! I have known for a few weeks now and it has been hard to keep it under wraps, but I wanted to […]

Marathon Nutrition Facts

WORKOUT 8 miles @ 7:55 pace on trail I enjoyed my last outside run before Boston. It was warm, sunny and humid, and I loved every second of it! I did feel my knee a bit today, waaaa waaa, but it was hardly noticeable, so that’s a plus. I only got water once because there was a creepy guy by the cooler the first time I passed it. It was only 8 miles, so I figured I’d play it safe. All I could think about during my run was, of course, Boston 🙂 ****** I recently came across this fun […]

Taper Tantrum and Outfit Advice Please

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:28 pace on treadmill Something really positive happened, or should I say didn’t happen, during my run today. HOWEVER, I don’t want to jinx anything by putting it in writing, so I’ll just leave it at that 🙂 ****** 6 days and counting 🙂 At this point in marathon training, I am normally going through what I like to call a TAPER TANTRUM= going crazy from the lack of running and speedwork. I miss the taper tantrum. I barely need a taper this go around, as I’ve only been running for 2 months! I actually made […]

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