Month: May 2013

Britt’s Batch Part Dos

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill Just a nice and easy recovery run on Mr. Tread. Nothing much to write about. ****** If you missed part 1, you can find it HERE… Day two started in the best way… with a run! Sure it was hot and sunny, but I always feel better throughout the day with a run under my belt Plus, it was nice to see the island with only a few people on the streets. Most of the girls slept in pretty late from the pub crawl the night before, so by the time everyone […]

The Sweet Spot Timing

WORKOUT 2m + (6 x 800 @ 6:15 w/ .25m rest) + 1.5m= 8 miles on trail 4 x 800= 6:28, 6:26, 6:28, 6:29 75 degrees. 90% humidity. Enough said. ****** I got out nice and early for my run this morning, trying to beat the heat and humidity. There is a small window of time in the AM that I like to call the sweet spot. It is the optimal time to run in the summer and only lasts 20ish minutes. The exact timing of the sweet spot is hard to pin down. It’s that time when the sun […]

Britt’s Bachelorette Part 1

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ weights Randomly, my right hamstring was a bit tight today… not sure why. Other than that my run was good. I made sure to ice after I stretched to proactively keep my hammie tightness from getting out of control. I also went to the gym to pump some iron 😉 ****** I still don’t have a ton of pictures from this weekend, but I just can’t wait to recap the fun, so I’m going with what I have and will photo dump later when I have more to share The trip started […]

My Ibuprofen Theory

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ Pilates Pilates was awesome as usual! There was one section my abs were a-burnin! My run went well. Nothing sore or hurting. It’s crazy how only a few months ago I was running uncomfortably and now it cautiously better Gotta love what a little rest can do, even if it drives you insane! ****** Speaking of my knee… I have forgotten to share this little theory with you. Back when I first started running again after taking time off for my knee, the doc told me to take 1-2 Ibuprofen with each […]

Honey, I’m HOoome!

WORKOUT 2 easy + (4 x 1200 @ 6:50 w/ .25m rest) + 6 easy= 12 miles 6 x 1200= 6:35, 6:32, 6:41, 6:35, 6:35, 6:24 Recap below. ****** Happy Memorial Day! Well folks, I am back from the Keys I was lucky enough to get in a warmer than normal 6 mile run while I was there. I ran from “coast to coast,” one side of the island to the other, and it was about 1.25 miles long, haha. I just ran back and forth down different roads with a few off shoots along the way I don’t have […]

Slurpee Days!

WORKOUT 10 miles @ 8:04 pace on trail I enjoyed my sweaty run today. Took things easy and knocked out 10 good miles. Nothing was sore or hurting. ****** I was only going to do 8 miles today… until I literally ran into my sister on the trail We ran about 1.5 miles together and it was amazing. She listened to me rant almost the whole way, hahah. Made.My.Day. I came home to a wonderfully smelling house, as I put butternut squash in the oven before I left and set the delay start option accordingly. I love doing this with […]

Magnet Mania!

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill/ gym Felt good on this run. I actually contemplated doing 8, but figured since I’m doing 8 tomorrow and it would be best to stick with 6 miles. The gym was OK. I got there later than normal, which meant there were more people there than normal. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait around too long for any equipment. ****** Todd and I have this little tradition to collect magnets wherever we go. We have been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling the past few years, thanks in part to […]