Happy Mother’s Day!


2m easy + (6 x 800’s @ 6:15 w/ .25 rest) + 5.5easy= 12 miles on trail

4 x 800’s @ 6:24, 6:27, 6:32, 6:44

Fail on 2 accounts, but I will cover that in my recap tomorrow. For today, lets concentrate on celebrating the women in our lives 🙂


I hope everyone has honored and spent time with their mothers, grandmother’s, and mother’s to be today! I’m going to make this post short and sweet…

The world has tried to take my mom away from us two times- once in a horrible car accident, the other by cancer- and both times, she prevailed! We are lucky she is one tough cookie. My mom is so supportive. She is an awesome cook, a GREAT listener. She is an exceptional teacher, who is patient and kind but knows how to lay down the law, just like she did when Kristin and I were kids. She is a wonderful wife and puts up with my dad’s crap all the time, haha. Most importantly, she is an amazing friend. There is nothing better than not only having a mother daughter connection, but a friendship as well.

My mom has always been there for me, no matter what. Like when I got food poisoning in Italy and I’ll I wanted to do was call my mom… with the time difference, that meant calling her in the wee hours of her morning, on a work day. There was nothing, literally nothing, she could do to help me, and I knew that, but I just wanted to talk to her. There is something about hearing your mom say everything’s going to be OK that makes it better 🙂

Who else comes to rescue me when Todd is out of town and I think a robber is in the house (clearly I had issues with his traveling in the beginning, haha) or lets me spend the night in my old bed room because I am afraid to stay in my own house alone… again, this was years ago and before we got our vicious guard dog Riley.

Whether it’s sipping on fancy cocktails or hanging out on the couch watching the Food Network, spending time with my mom is fun! I’ve said it a million times, but it makes my run every time when I see her on the trail. I love yelling out, “HEY MOM! LOVE YOU!” as I run by. When it comes to running, it must run (pun intended) in the family! Like mother, like daughters! This is probably one of my favorite photos ever!


HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY MOM! I hope I can be half the mom you were one day!!! I don’t think I could ever really put into words how much I love and appreciate you. It’s hard to write a post like this because I could go on and on and on and STILL feel like I haven’t covered all that I am grateful for. You (and dad… he’ll have to wait for Father’s Day) are my heroes! I love you!

No questions today… Just enjoy the time with your family <3

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  1. WOW your mom IS one tough cookie. Cancer tried to take my mom too but she said hellll no!! Thank goodness!! Happy mothers day to your mama!

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