Just Another Sweaty Long Run Sunday


14 miles @ 7:40 pace on trail

Read below for the recap 🙂


The trail I run on is a little over 14 miles from point A to point B, with a few off shoots to add mileage. From where I start, if you go right, it’s about 1.25 miles and left, 6 miles. My plan for today was to head left and do 12 miles and depending on how I felt, add 2 more at the end. A great thing about the trail is that there are several shaded parts! Let me tell you, it is easily 10 degrees hotter in the sun than it is in the shade. Most of the sunny miles are in the middle and as I was running I thought to myself there is no way I’m going father than 12. But then I hit the shaded parts and felt great, so 14m it was 🙂 I wanted to run today totally by feel. I didn’t look at my pace once, but I did check my watch for distance while carefully avoiding the pace… I promise! I like this methods of running practically tech-less, as during my run I don’t have to look at my pace, but in the end I still have my stats. That way, I can compare my perceived effort with what I actually did 🙂

I did feel my knee a bit in the beginning, but nothing to be alarmed about. My legs strangely felt quite refreshed on this run. I was worried that they would feel heavy or tight because I attempted that 6 x 800 workout three times this week, haha. I got water twice and definitely needed it with how hot it was. I was sweating like CRAZY! You would’ve thought I just got out of the pool with how much sweat was dripping from my body. It was a great run considering the weather 🙂


I like to make sure I fully stretch after long runs, so I bring a small snack (banana and NUUN!) to tide me over until I get home. If I don’t stretch before I get home, it falls by the wayside because once I walk in the door A) Riley wants attention, B) I’m gross and want to shower and C) Todd is hungry for breakfast, haha. Now, by no means does Todd demand or expect me to rush home and make him breakfast, don’t get the wrong idea about my hubby, haha, I just love to pamper him and keep his belly full! Can you guess what we had?

IMAG0732Blueberry pancakes and a green smoothie of course! Todd proceeded to do yard work and wash Ry girl while I iced and sipped my delicious coffee 🙂 It wouldn’t be “Long Run Sunday” without a bit of overindulgence. It’s been a while since we hit up our fave sushi place so sushi it was! And as if you haven’t seen enough pictures of me and glorious sushi, here is another one 🙂


Man, I love sushi! The only problem is that I can eat a TON of it without feeling too full and it’s not the cheapest food, haha. This place has a good lunch deal- $12.95 gets you miso soup, ginger salad and 3 rolls! Now THAT’s my kind of deal! Happy Sunday Funday!

Are you a sushi fan?

What’s the last good deal you got on a meal?

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