Rest Days?


6 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill

Had a nice easy run on the tready today. Again, nothing sore or achy 🙂 I also lifted weights at home and got in a great ab work out!


I was recently (probably jokingly) asked by my bloggy friend Brittany if I ever take rest days. I figured, why not create a little post about it?! I know this can be a somewhat “controversial” topic and I am not a running coach, so take my words with a grain of salt and know that this is what works for me, not everyone. Do I take rest days? The short answer, No. The long answer, Yes.

Let’s start with No. When I am training for something in particular, I like to keep my mileage between 50 and 70ish miles. My “rest ” days are recovery runs done at a super easy pace, usually on the treadmill. My body responds fine to no actual days off as long as I’m not pushing myself 100% of the time, which I don’t.

A more in depth answer would be yes. During a training cycle there are bound to be days that I just can’t fit a run in. Whether that’s because I’m traveling or sick or whatever. I count these times as rest days. They are far and few between. However, if I am feeling overly tired or sore I will take a rest day. I’ve been at this long enough to know when my body just can’t handle anymore. I guess the best way to explain it is that I don’t schedule rest days, they just kind of happen. For instance, I haven’t taken a day off from running since after my Boston recovery, but this weekend I’ll be in the Key’s for a bachelorette party and probably won’t get much running in. This will be my “rest.”

When I am not training for something specific I’m not pushing my body very hard and don’t really need a rest day unless I just want one. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are very important for most people and highly recommend them. Most people don’t have the running obsession I do, haha, and it is important for them to take a break not only physically but mentally as well. I am also lucky enough to have a very flexible schedule, allowing me more time to recover properly.

So there ya go! And what’s a better way to rest and recover than outside with some yummy pancakes and your laptop while your doggie chases lizards?


How many days a week do you rest?

Do you cross train on “rest” days or just rest?

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  1. You are my running inspiration!! I think your way of recovery running is awesome, and it obviously works for you!! I usually cross train on rest days and I like to move everyday even if it’s just a walk. I don’t run everyday though, maybe someday! 🙂

    • Thanks lady! Moving everyday definitely helps keep everything circulating and ready to run! And your walks lead to some great pictures!

  2. I do five days of running (varying speed workouts with long runs etc.), one day of cross training (usually elliptical or power walking), and then one day of rest. Because I am in the midst of my first training plan I wasn’t sure how to schedule my workouts, but this seems to work for me!

    • Sounds like a great schedule! I’d suggest 2 recovery days between hard efforts if you can work it out that way 😉 Hope you are enjoying training!!!

  3. I like your approach of no rest days – but not pushing yourself to max effort every single day. I have been taking 1-2 days off, but I think my sweet spot at this point in my “running career” is 4 days a week. Eventually I know I’ll be able to tack on 5-6 but my body is still requiring a lot of cross training and strength work 🙂

    • That’s the great thing about running… everyone is different and you can tailor your running for what works for you! Hope you had a great vacay cruise!

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