The Sweet Spot Timing


2m + (6 x 800 @ 6:15 w/ .25m rest) + 1.5m= 8 miles on trail

4 x 800= 6:28, 6:26, 6:28, 6:29

75 degrees. 90% humidity. Enough said.


I got out nice and early for my run this morning, trying to beat the heat and humidity. There is a small window of time in the AM that I like to call the sweet spot. It is the optimal time to run in the summer and only lasts 20ish minutes. The exact timing of the sweet spot is hard to pin down. It’s that time when the sun has risen enough to burn off some of the humidity but is still low enough for shade.

At this point in the year, I don’t think you can ever really get out early enough to beat the heat/humidity like I tried to do today. I adjusted my pace to 6:30 given the weather. Looking back, I should have adjusted it a little more, haha. I was able to hit my first two 800’s with out a problem, but after that third interval, I knew I was in trouble. I BARELY made the 4th under 6:30, really having to “sprint” at the end… at least that’s what it felt like. I decided to cut it back to 4 x 800. Ugh. I passed my sis after my last interval and we both looked like death. I talked to her after and we decided to do most of our speed work on the treadmill. It is so demoralizing to fail workout after workout outside. I mean, I did this exact workout last week on the tread and nailed it. I’ll just ramp the pace up to compensate 😉

After my post run shenanigans (stretch, ice, food, coffee), Riley and I soaked up the sun during a long walk. Lizards were everywhere and Ry girl was having a blast chasing them! She definitely deserved a doggie ice cream to cool off while I did my ab routine and foam rolled…



Then I got a call that Laura was having her baby! Yay! It’s funny because her daughter’s birthday is today, too! Happy Birthday Stella and Douglas!


Am I the only one who notices “the sweet spot?”

If you have a dog, does he/she go crazy over lizards, too?

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  1. I live in Washington, and we have it pretty easy here as far as weather. It’s never too hot (unless it’s midday in the middle of the summer) so I am able to pick whenever I want to run usually. I do like the idea of early morning runs though, I ALMOST did one’s 5:54am right now, and I woke up about an hour ago (don’t know WHY!) and I was like, “I should go run!” But instead I’m hydrating and reading blogs, and decided to run later..simply becasue I can. Sometimes I wish I had to run early to beat the heat though! Summer time…that will be my time to find the sweet spot haa.

    • That darn body clock! I love running in the morning, I just wish it was more like 7/8am instead of 6am, haha. There’s something about that 6 o’clock hour that just seems so early, haha. Glad my blog was on the pist to read 😉 Thanks Lady!

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