Jet City Expresso


6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ Yoga

This run actually went better than I expected, as my upper quads and glutes were pretty sore from Body Pump yesterday. I think it had a little something to do with going to Yoga.


I’m not as sore as I would like to be after taking Body Pump. This is probably because it was my first time taking the class and I was unsure of how much weight to use for each exercise. Next time I’ll be sure to challenge myself more! I usually let running take care of my leg muscles and don’t do much “lifting” in that department. Also, with my knee, I try not to put extra pressure on it with lunges/squats/etc. So when my lower body was sore, it didn’t surprise me.

Mary and I had already had a coffee date lined up for today and when she invited me to Yoga beforehand I just had to jump at the chance. We went to a Flow level 1 class at Bella Prana and I really enjoyed it. It was the perfect mix of yoga-ness… not too much “your legs are tree trunks, toes the roots,” but still incorporated the fundamentals of the mind-body experience.

Afterwards, we went to Jet City Expresso to indulge in some delicious coffee! We all know my obsession with Cafe du Monde coffee and my standards for a regular cup of joe are pretty high (unless I’m just going to S-Bucks, Micky D’s, DD, etc.) so I was exctied to try this place out! How cute is the front?


It is actually on the side of the owner, Jessica’s house. It’s super small, but super cute inside. It is quite the little gem! For such an unassuming location, Jet City has quite the following and I was impressed with how many people came through as Mary and I sat and chatted. I got an Americano coffee with skim milk and it was great. I love the taste of coffee and rarely get the jazzed up specialties. Mary ordered Jessica’s unique latte called the Cafe Borgia made with honey, orange zest, milk and nutmeg. I tasted hers and it was delicious!

You know what else Jessica sells there??? PICKY BARS! Remember when I met Lauren Fleshman (the creator of Picky Bars) at the Boston Expo and she gave me a few samples? Ya, well, you can’t find those scrumptious bars for re-sale ANYWHERE here in Tampa. She has them right out front, so you can’t miss them! She also sells her homemade scones, which I hear are incredible!


See all those race bibs in the background? Yup… Jessica’s a triathlete 🙂 Now THIS is my kind of coffee shop! It was awesome talking with her as well and learning a few things about triathlons. I only wish Jet City was closer to my house!


This girl is great! I had such an awesome start to my Friday hanging with Mary! And on top of that, it was National Donut Day (free donuts!), my mom’s birthday and the last day of school for the kiddos here. That’s a pretty darn good Friday if you ask me 🙂

Do you practice Yoga?

How do you take your coffee?

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  1. What a cute shop!!! I loveee small homey places like this, even more awesome that she is a triathlete. I have never tried Picky Bars cause they are so darn expensive!! I also haven’t seen any in shops, only online. I LIKE MY COFFEE BLACK!

    • I can’t do black coffee… gotta have a bit of milk/creamer in there. And ya, the Picky Bars are a bit pricier… but I think that’s because of how high quality they are 🙂

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