6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill

I woke up still a little tight from Body Pump, but felt ready ready ready, ready to ruuun (know that song?) after walking Ry and loosening up.


As I mentioned at the end of my post yesterday, yesterday was my mom’s birthday. Kristin and I took her out for dim sum last week, but last night I went over there for dinner just to spend time with her 🙂 I love hanging out with my family!


I told you guys about her garden in my Mother’s Day post and it has flourished… look at these yummy veggies…

IMAG0789How cute are those baby zucchini?! She also has regular tomatoes, banana peppers, and a slew of herbs. I’m impressed with her new found gardening skills. For dinner we grilled up some steak and corn, and had sauteed mushrooms, tomato mozzarella salad and green beans.


Do you guys put A.1. Sauce on your steak? When I was a little girl I used to call it A.L. Sauce… and I called the refrigerator the refrigiLator, batteries were battios… oh the silly things kids say 🙂 You know what else is silly… the new thing in donuts. It’s called the Cronut- a cross between the croissant and the donut. What what?! Kelly and Michael tried it on their show and said it was like crack. I guess the line for these things is out the door everyday and you can only order up to 6 at a time. I’d try one.


What silly things did you say as a kid?

Do you have a green thumb?

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  1. Uhm that cronut, looks DEADLY! I would eat all 6..which would be dangerous. WOW! I used to call poinsettia flowers placentas…AH! HAHA.

  2. Ooo yum! I would def try one of those!

    I have never had a green thumb in my life. In fact, i was convinced I had a black thumb until a few months ago. I have been growing tomatos and green peppers on my porch and they are huge! Idk what im doing differently but its working!

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