Marathon Movie Date Night


6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

Woke up ready to run this morning, even if it was just on the treadmill. I think I was just excited for Body Pump after! I love that it is a totaly body workout, but since there isn’t a lot of core work, I did more on my own at home 🙂


Last night was the one time theater showing of Spirit of the Marathon II, so Todd and I made a date night out of it! I made a scrumptious Indian chicken dinner to fill our bellies before the 7PM showing. I was pretty excited for the movie because I just love anything and everything running, haha.


Of course I had to wear my Boston shirt to represent! We got there 10ish minutes early to find a good seat. I like to find one right in the center without anyone in front of me so I can put my feet up 🙂


I loved that there was marathon trivia playing before the movies started. I actually learned a bit last night…

IMAG1036632 marathons are scheduled to take place in America in 2013! This makes me smile 🙂 And don’t act like you don’t sneak goodies into a theater too…


The movie was really good… right on par with the first one, which centered on the Chicago Marathon. The sequel took place in Rome, a place Todd a I visited on one of our vacations that piggy backed of a work trip of his. I loved being able to lean over and whisper to him, “remember when we went there!” or “I loved walking around that place!” It started off with the beginning of the Rome Marathon and then delved into the different runners, their back stories and what they were running for. The “characters” if you can call them that, were from all over the world (2 from the US) and all age ranges. My favorite was a 72 year old Italian guy who owns a pizzeria and trains with his cousin. How fun! By the end I wanted to sign up for a race right then! I guess there’s no surprise there, though!

Did you see Spirit of the Marathon II?

Do you sneak in your own movie treats?

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  1. LOVE this!! I saw the first Spirit of the Marathon and it was so good. I will for sure watch the second one when it is posted online. I of course sneak treats with me..anywhere and everywhere!

  2. I love bodypump! Definitely my favorite cross training- right next to kickboxing!
    I am guilty of being a snack sneaker but I am NOT ashamed- I rarely carry a purse anywhere but to the movies I do… to put my snacks in 😉

    • Gosh, I haven’t done kickboxing in forever! I should add that to my repertoire 🙂
      And I’m the same way… I RARELY carry a purse, that’s what the Hubby’s for, haha

      • It’s such a great cardio AND core workout! HUGE fan!

        TRUTH about hubbys… that’s what I tell mine all the time. What do I need a purse for? To carry my wallet- well his wallet IS my wallet 😉

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