Happy Father’s Day!


Yesterday’s long run: 16 miles @ 7:52 pace

Today: 8 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill

I was worried I’d be sore this morning after my 16 miler yesterday, followed by being on my feet in heels most of the day, but I wasn’t! With the wedding starting at 7:30PM last night, the reception started late and dinner was around 10PM, so I woke this morning still full from that, haha! I woke up around 8:30AM and jumped on the treadmill.


I have always been a Daddy’s Girl… but not the type you’re thinking of… I was more of a Daddy’s Tomboy, hehe. I loved (and still do!) hanging out with my dad and throwing/kicking the ball around, shooting hoops, or really any activity outside. We used to take family canoeing trips and I was always in my dad’s canoe. I was his side kick 🙂 My dad is just overall awesome. He is quite the jokester and always has something funny or sarcastic to say. I could list a million silly sayings I’ve heard throughout my life, but I’ll spare you.

me n dad

For all of his manliness there is a softer giving side that is incredible. He has worked for/with the Children’s Home (a place for abused and neglected children) for over 25 years and works in the school system with at risk kids. He has this presence about him that invokes respect and friendship at the same time. I think this is why he is able to connect so well with the kids he works with… and my sister and I!

We had a scare when he decided to have a heart attack! Thank goodness he was at the Y, playing racquet ball. A lifeguard and AED saved his life. This happened only a few months before my wedding and I was a hott mess! Thankfully, he was still able to walk me down the isle 🙂

dad isleI don’t know what I would do without my dad. He has always supported me 100%. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest things that helps get me through my quality workouts is something he ingrained in me at a young age. My dad, sister and I would head out to the soccer field and do different drills, including sprints. He would always tell us to push it until the end, to finish strong! I use the “Finish Strong” mantra all the time and picture myself running those sprints when I was younger. I guess I’ll have to thank him (and my mom of course) when I’m standing on the Olympic podium… or maybe just when I qualify, haha.


Happy Father’s Day!