My Garmin Has Failed Me


8 miles @ my pace on the trail

It was HUMID out this morning! I woke up around 3:30 to pounding rain and just knew it would make for a wet run this morning! I ran Garmin-less so I’m not sure what my pace was.


Remember last Wednesday when I went out for an 8 miler on the trail, only to find my Garmin (the 205 model) had died? I couldn’t power it on at all. Well, I thought maybe I just forgot to charge it, so when I got home, I put it on the charger. It indeed said, “Charging in Progress,” followed my “Charge Complete.” Perfect!


Saturday was Britt’s wedding, which didn’t start until 7:30PM, so I KNEW we wouldn’t be getting home until late. (2AM to be exact!) This meant I needed to do my long run Saturday, so that I did. With temperatures being around 78 with 90% humidity in the wee hours of the morning and only getting worse, I like to get an early start. I headed out the door a few minutes before 6AM so my watch had time to lock satellites and I’d be running by 6. Yaaaaa. The stupid thing wouldn’t even turn on. What the heck?! I decide to just go in the house and grab Todd’s Garmin, since he wasn’t running.

Side note: Todd has been working a crap ton lately and this was his ONE morning to sleep in.

So I go to open the garage with the key pad and it won’t freakin open! I put in our code a million times. So frustrating! I ended up having to knock on the door and wake my poor, sleep deprived husband at 6AM. Ugh. He showed me how to use his (the 405 model) and I was off!

The run was going great… I even saw my sister… until about mile 11. The Garmin beeped at me saying it had 27% battery left. That’s fine… I only had 5 miles left. Ya, the stupid thing died 2 miles later. Really? A quarter of the battery left and it dies after less than 16 minutes? I did my best to figure out the mileage I had left and headed home. I was so annoyed.

I have been looking into getting a GPS watch with a heart rate monitor anyway, so I guess it’s about time. Last Wednesday I also mentioned that the husband and I are working on growing our family and when the time comes, a heart rate monitor will be important to have, since I plan on running throughout my pregnancy. That was one long, run on sentence, haha. I’m not stuck on the Garmin brand by any means. I love how user friendly it is, but the battery life of both Todd and I’s is killing me! Here are a few I’m looking at:

Garmin Forerunner 110: Obviously this would be the easiest switch for me, since I have a Garmin now. This watch has a HRM and is smaller in size than my current 205, which is nice. It also comes in gray and pink 🙂 It has HOTFIX satellite prediction to help it lock quickly… always a plus! The cost is pretty nice, too- $180 and up.

Forerunner® 110

I Really like the upgraded version, the 610, but it is out of my price range for sure. ($400 buck-a-roos!) How awesome is that white band?

Polar RCX3: After looking over the all of the Polar watches, I think this one is best in line with what I’m looking for. It has a GPS, HRM, and a ton of training features and comes with a white band (OK, so color isn’t THAT big of a deal, but it’s fun, haha.) It is a bit pricey- $340- but Polar is known for their HRM and that is important to me.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0: This is the newbie to the bunch, but looks VERY promising. It is a good size and price, coming in at $275. One really cool feature that caught my eye was a vibration alert for intervals! I’ve never heard of this before and would be so handy during speed workouts. Color wise, it has a gray band with either green or orange accents. I’m diggin the green, haha.
Timex IRONMAN® Run Trainer 2.0 GPS HRM
So, to sum it up, I’m looking for a GPS watch that isn’t huge, with a heart rate monitor, good battery life and training features.
What watch do you use?
Any other recommendations?

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  1. I feel you pain girl!! I had to go a week without a garmin. I’m likeing my 210 so far and I belive that you can get it with the HRM. The one thing that I do not like about it compared to the 205 is that you don’t have as many options to display. I liked to be able to switch between seeing what my current pace is and my average pace for the entire run while I am running, but you have to choose one or the other with this one. When you finished your run you are able to browse the history to see what your avg pace of the entire run was, so I guess thats okay. I was spoiled with the 205 😉

  2. I use the Garmin110!! I LOVE IT!! I loved it because not only could it be for tracking my running, but I use it as a daily watch as well! It was like the best of both worlds (as long as you aren’t big on being a fashionista, running watches aren’t the most fashionable haha.) I recommend the 110 all the way!

  3. I have the 610 and a friend of mine bought the 610 a year ago. We both love the watches but also agree there are problems.
    The wrist strap is held to the watch by a thin iece of wire that easily slips out of place and then your watch falls off of your wrist.
    It has a ton of features and at times they seem like too many. Also, to look at your history you need to unluck the watch which starts up the GPS when all you want to do it look at yestrdays run. You then have to make sure to turn the GPS off or hope you are still enough for the watch to go into power save mode.
    They have done a lot of updates on Garmin Connect and the new features are pretty cool. You should check it out.

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