Why are you all dolled up?


6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill

I have really been slacking in the foam rolling department lately, only using it when I’m sore. WELL, if I’d just use it more often, like I should, then I probably would be less sore to begin with! When will I learn? My run went fine once I got a mile or so into it. I also did a light lifting routine at the house 🙂


I’ve mentioned my DLites dates with my friend Melissa quite a few times. We usually go sometime during the week, in the late morning. Both of us are workout fiends and inevitably show up in workout clothes with little to no make up, hair tied back and ready to devour our ginormous soft serves. Exhibit A:


So today when Todd saw me before I left for my lunch date with Melissa and Pam, he asked, “Why are you all dolled up?” Meaning, why are you not wearing your usual workout attire and why is your hair and make up done? Haha. I said, “I’m doing lunch!” He then asked, “with Melissa right?” It was like he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t my typical runner self. I love that guy. I also love that all it takes to impress him is a little eye shadow, swipe of eye liner and mascara.

For lunch, we went to Carrollwood Deli. It’s a small, unassuming little place tucked in a shopping center. When you walk in, you see about 8 tables and the deli counter.


They are known for their homemade breads, soups and lunch meats. What I loved about the “lunch meats” is that they are the furthest thing from what you think of when you hear lunch meat. They roast/bake/cook all of their meats in house and then cut them to order. So my turkey sammie on Rye looked more like pieces of meat from the Thanksgiving turkey rather than sliced deli meat. The bread was so fresh! You know I love me some fresh baked bread 🙂 The sandwiches are stacked and definitely filling!

IMAG0848Yummy yummy! For an everyday lunch, the price is a bit more than I would want to pay… $8.05 with tax for my sammie and a water… but for a good quality sandwich every now and then, I will definitely return 🙂 Especially with these two lovely ladies!

IMAG0849Fun Fact: Tomorrow morning, around 5:30AM EST look west into the sky and you can see the SUPER MOON! It’s when the moon is at it’s closets point to the Earth. It’s about 16,000 miles closer than normal. How cool! So go check it out before your Sunday long run 😉

What is your favorite sandwich?

Do you wear make up or go au naturale more often?

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  1. You look gorgeous!! I am with you, my “dolled” up is just two coats of mascara and a little bit of color on my eyebrows because they are so faint. That’s all! HA! I rarely wear makeup though. My BFF and I used to go on froyo dates all the time and then I went vegan and we don’t go anymore. I need to find a new date place for her and I!

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