SUPER MOON! and Flight Simulators


16 miles @ 7:50 pace on trail

While this was definitely a hot/humid run, it seemed a bit “nicer” out than normal, in the shade at least, haha. Unfortunately, I felt my knee creep up a bit, so that’t not cool. Guess I need to pay closer attention to that again. Arg.


Since I was up early enough to catch the Super Moon, I quietly snuck outside this morning, as to not wake Todd, and capture a picture 🙂 In case you missed it or haven’t already seen it on the news, here ya go…

IMAG0850The picture doesn’t really do it justice since there is nothing to put it into perspective, but it was HUGE. What was even cooler was that the first 2 miles of my run are heading west, so it was in my line of sight that whole way! You have one more chance to see it tomorrow morning at the same time (5:30am). Do it.

I know everyone is dying to know what Todd does… today is your lucky day! He is a software engineer 🙂 His company makes flight simulators for the military and he writes the software and integrates the hardware to make them come alive! They are seriously like the most realistic video game. Today we took my mom and dad to Todd’s work to fly in a simulator. I have done it a few times and it is soooo cool! It’s so life like that I actually got a bit nauseous. Due to security measures, you aren’t allowed to take your phone in so I couldn’t take any super cool pictures of the one we flew, BUT here are some “approved” ones from the company. This is what they look like…


There are usually stairs that you climb to get in and then you sit in the box part to fly and the dome part has the visual scene. The inside varies depending on what you’re flying, obv! So some of them look like the inside of a MH-60 Helicopter for the Army, a P-8 Aircraft for the Navy or like the one below, a C-130 for the Airforce…

1Cool right?! My dad did really good and was even able to land. My mom however, got nauseous pretty quick 🙁 I think they had a pretty good time. I’m glad Todd has a job he loves and can share with friends and family. It’s hard to understand what he does unless you see it first hand. After the “work tour” we came home, freshened up and headed out to a special dinner. More on that tomorrow 😉

Did you see the super moon in person?

Have you ever flown in a simulator or any kind?

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